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Hey all,

I used to be pretty active and amounted a small rig, and since then have fell out of the forums and sold all of my equipment.

Now im wishing I didnt sell all of my things, and now I find myself looking for a new pair of headphones again.

I havent decided on amp yet, SS or tube, got to decide on cans first.

I listen to everything, but the majority of my listening is hip hop, hardcore, metal. Some of my favorite artists include Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Suicide Silence, Set Your Goals, Winds of Plague, Rose Funeral etc..

But I am leaning towards a closed can, but it doesnt matter. These are what Im considering (looking to be less than $500 USD)

1. Denon D5000 (I used to own these and loved them)
2. ATH-AD2000 (open, but ive always wanted to try them)
3. Beyer DT880 Pro
4. Senn HD-650 (Owned these with a zu mobius and little dot MKV and loved them)
5. Senn HD-600
6. Sony MDR SA5000

When all is said and done I would have liked to have spent around 1,000 total on my set up, I hope that I can achieve a good setup for this amount.

I am open to all other opinions and options.

Thank you!