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Sony MDR-7509-HD vs. 7509

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I've heard that the older 7509 series was bassier and that the newer HD series has less bass but better midrange. Is this true? What other differences are there?
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The old 7509 was based on the V7 which was an improved/better version of the V6 and there is a review/impression of the V7 on Head-Fi.
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I can't compare the two models, but I can tell you that the HDs have nice and strong bass, but not overpowering. Less than the AH-D2000 and ATH-M50, for eg. Also, their midrange is nice and prominent.
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HD is also a nice marketing abbreviation. High Definition is a nice term to distinguish certain headphones from each other although even my cheap HD428 is quite highly defined regarding sound.
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I have the 7509 and the 7509HD. The 7509 has significantly more bass, but the 7509HD has a lot more detail in the upper mids and high end.
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I heard the HD version and i dont like them too much...the bass and midrange are not good for me. Its better you listen to both of them.
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I have both (running off a Mackie Onyx Satellite pro soundcard with 2 headphone outputs), and trust the 7509 a lot more for overall sound . . .the bass and lower mids are a little more (and a LOT warmer) . . .the 7509HD seem to magnify a proportion of of upper mid that does add detail, at the expense of soundstaging and warmth.  To my ears the 7509 HD is echoey and ocver upper mid range boosted. 


*** please note that the 7509 I have had for 4 years, and the 7509HD I have burnt in only for 50 hours or so . . . I am still listening for any changes, but at this point I definitely prefer (and trust in mix down duties) the older 7509 model.


Hope this helps.





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I have the 7509HDs and I think that there are better headphones within its price range; though I do not have the 7509s.

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I have the MDR-7509HD and have had the 7509 previously, I much prefer the new HD. Less Bass but better definition compared with different source equipment, it does have an edge over the older version, higher resolution. It comes down to personal preference which one you like better, I am not in favor of too big a bag end which can seem bloated.


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