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help deciphering osciloscope waveforms.

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Hello Head-fi

A long time ago I designed and built an amp. Its an OTL differential amp. I recently got an oscilloscope and have been measuring everything I can get my hands on, but the waveforms from this amp intrigue me. If anyone could help to tell me what they mean I would be very appreciative.

There are 2 sets of output waveforms. For both sets the RCA/single ended input of the amp was used and the balanced signal (or slightly less than balanced) at the output of the amp is a result of my luck building a phase splitter. Please note that the least square wave is 100Khz. I also got a little lazy in the middle of testing this amp and didnt keep the polarity the same on the squares for both tests. sorry. The sine waves have the summation line to show the lack of balance.

The first set is the amp driving a 10Kohm 1/8W resistor strapped across one of the balanced outputs.

100hz I think



The next batch are the amp driving a 300ohm 1/8W resistor.

This image is particularly interesting (disturbing?) to me. Why does the leading edge look the way it does?

The blur is from bumping my tripod. These are all 4 second exposures.

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I'm not sure what you're having trouble with (or even what you're asking). The lines and squares are square waves, the sine waves are obvious and the curved flat ones are square waves plus the influence of a capacitor.
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