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So MOV B65's they are. Thanks guys. :)


And perhaps they were destined for the American market and someone figured it might be better if they were "Made in USA"? So they lied! lol  


This reminds me... I have a pair of Siemens EH90's, Blackburn production codes, stamped "Made in Germany". Another lie.... :)

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Very common, my favourite are Amperex 12AU7 labelled made in Holland but from Japan by Matsu****a!

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I have tried this smoke version B65 before. But I found them not as good as clean glass b65.

For me, Brimar 6sn7 is the best buy. :)

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Just wanted to say Hi!!

I found this thread last week and have started working my way through. Up to page 67 now and have already used everyone's insights towards picking up some nice 6sn7s. I have some TS Mickey Mouse Ears on the way.... Great price at $22!! Knew what to look for because of this thread smily_headphones1.gif I splurged on some real 1578s.... A bit more than $22!! And some other fun purchases on the way too. I'm having a great time, thanks to everyone for sharing your knowledge.


Ps - not yet an addict, but sure struck with the fever!!

Pps - hi Gibosi, good to see you here!!
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Thread Starter 

The TS Mouse ears are nice tubes and you got them for a great price.

Let us know what you think of them and also the 1578's.


Happy Listening!!!!!!!

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I have been listening to a Mullard ECC32 in my ECBA and have to say - WOW!

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I heart the RCA 6sn7gt vt-231 grey glass.

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Originally Posted by TheWuss View Post

hey, guys.
long time listener, first time caller.  biggrin.gif

the Peak/Volcano is my first 6sn7 amp.  and, i haven't had the amp too long.
so, i'm new to this terrific thread...

And I just wanted to report my findings with my Peak/Volcano.

I've rolled several 6sn7 types.  Including the ubiquitous Shuguang Treasure, the lovely Brimar CV1988, RCA gray glass, Ken Rad VT-231, etc.

And, oddly, my favorite tube of all i tried so far is the humble Sylvania 6sn7gtb chrome top, from the late 1950s.  

The sound is simply fantastic.
The tube has a very low noise floor, and produces a rich, dynamic, and holographic sound.
It easily competes with the Treasure for detail, but without the unwanted extra highs...

So, any of you experts want to tell me i'm off my rocker for prefering this simple tube, that can be found for $80 or thereabouts?
Am I nuts?


the wuss 

I have a 1955 pair of Sylvania 6SN7GTBs in my amp right now. They were $37 and sound fantastic. They will be a hard to best reference standard for the others I have on the way...

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Mystery tubes of the day:



I picked these up from eBay for $31. There was NO description of either except for '6SN7', and they 'test good'.... figured it was worth the mystery. Any ideas what they might be?

When I look at the original image from e-bay, enlarge it and 'imagine hard' I think I can see a CKR on the tube on the left. Gosh, I hope so!!!



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Left is Ken Rad and right RCA.  

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Cool. I had my bet on an RCA but wasn't sure if there was anything else that looked like it....

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Now for the 'bit of a mystery' tubes of the day:



I got these two off ebay for $25. I'm pretty sure the Magnavox is a National Union re-brand... thoughts?

Also, I have seen NUs with variable length graphite coats (as with the second NU in this pic). Is this a 'date' related process or just inherent variability?





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Yeap both NU, I like the one that are tall and says Navy on the base.  Hard to come by these days.  Cheers Mmman.

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And the last mystery of the day:



Pretty sure this is my third NU of the day, if I'm reading the factory code properly (247)??

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PS - learned it all from this list!!!! Thanks for all the great re-branded and mystery tubes I've been able to find!!!

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