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Glenn's 300 perhaps?????


Nice tubes George, Good Luck.

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Then maybe a nice #26 preamp with filament bias to go along with it.

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That sounds like a dream amp.


George is very Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Glenn is always with the ideas that teasing me.   Your also lucky Stavros.   Been the official beta tester for many Glenn's creations.

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I am very very lucky for sure.

Glenn is so clever and gifted.


He's family anyway.

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Some funny looking tubes just came in. :tongue_smile:


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Nice tubes, well done.

What do you think of their SQ?

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Pretty good actually. Very detailed and quite neutral. I'm a bit annoyed that the tubes are of different construction though; one has straight slots instead of round holes on the plates, and is shorter than the other. I'm currently speaking to the seller to see if I can get a pair with same construction.

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Yea I don't blame you there.  I know it may be a bit over-obsessive, but I like my tubes to look matched as well.  

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I am pretty sure these were not manufactured by GEC... Does anyone know who made them?


Edit: Oh, I meant to post this in the 6AS7 thread... sorry..... :(

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Does anyone have any idea who made these?







These don't look like anything I have ever seen before.....

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Mullard never made any 6SN7's.


They look like MOV made B65's.

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Yes, they do. But then I see "MADE IN USA".... so I wonder.....

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I am fairly sure MOV is correct for the maker also could be labelled Marconi, Osram, GEC, MWT, Pretty much at the top of my 6SN7GT list though bass heads might prefer other tubes. Many labelled as CV1988s for the military but also often seen as B65s.

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Also, I think that's CEI aka Calvert, not IEC.


Perhaps they thought that nobody would believe their "Made in England" anymore. ;)

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