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Had a couple of days with the TS6F8G and they are super tubes but I just put a set of TSBGRP back in and there is a difference. The TS6F8G is not as focused, it's nice but music seems fuller and composed with the TSBGRP. I find this scenario when using my MST Fi-quest in 4 Channel mode compared to 3 channel mode. It's spacious and sparkly in 4 C mode but not as realistic as 3 C mode.

The TS6F8G is still a great tube for certain genre, it really shines with stuff from the Ultimae or Celestial Dragon labels i.e. Ambient / Psy Trance.
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If they really were NOS, give them some more time.  The 6F8G and 6SN7 are electrically identical, in every way.  They should sound exactly the same when compared apples to apples, setting aside the natural minor variations you see from tube to tube due to their being hand made.  If the larger glass or mica structure offers any better resistance to vibrations then the 6F8G might have a small advantage in low level detail resolution, but it's not going to be a big difference that strikes you right off.

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Just got these two bad boys today.  


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Very nice tubes, well done!

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Thanks Stavros,  just trying to keep up with you.:D

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They do look sweet! :smile: 

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Very interesting adapter.

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Any idea as to its purpose?

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Originally Posted by Neogeo333 View Post

Just got these two bad boys today.  


little confused :eek:


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Wowzer where oh where? I am duly impressed. Any more to be had? I have to ask! I just missed out on the legendary Swedish military tubes by a couple of days a few months back. My consolation prize didn't compare - a pair of the "original Bad Boys" tubes i.e. from the batch that started the nick name. I own several good pairs already so it was only for collecting reasons.
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Let just say im downsizing to move to DHT tubes.  And good implementation of dht amps don't cone cheap.:D

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What DHT are you going to use?

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For now the popular 300B. 

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