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So nobody can help me with this? Guess I will just list them for free..

I have no idea how much they are worth, ill do some research and try and find a fair number to take them off your hands if you would like.
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They are nice tubes but not very valuable because they are still very easy to find.
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I just received a pair of tungsol rabbit's ears


to replace


that come with the amplifier (wa5le) and I must say listening with hd800 it seems a veil has been lift of. The sound is much more refined. I'm not sure if it's just me or my system but previously with sylvania I always felt my hd800 is a little muffled, not enough clarity. 

Now I'm wondering if 6f8g can bring further improvement. I have NU and RCA, just waiting for the adapter :mad:

Oh not to mention that I just bought a pair of USAF-596 from a member here, alot to anticipate :deadhorse:


By the way how much do you guys reckon is a fair price for a pair of rabbit ears? I bought mine for $34 without shipping and about to pull the trigger for a second pair for back up, but the price has gone up a little. 

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Very nice tubes at a good price.


If you can try the black plates version next.


As for the 596, I think they are highly over rated at their current prices.

The 5UG4 have the same plates and are much cheaper, a worthy alternative.

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Ahaha they are actually my two favourite in my humble collection - I liked the Sylvania best then the rabbit/mouse ears :D


The Sylvania always sounded more warm/lush/muddy/veiled/dark to me, while the rabbit or mouse ears sounded more solid-state-ish, so it could be more clear/refined.


I think I bought it a bit cheaper than you, together with 5 other GE tubes and some other Sylvanias. They were all re-branded and used however.

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Hmm do the black plate mouse ear and grey plate mouse ear sound the same? (i.e. worth having both?)


I have one of those grey plate mouse ear on its way. Can't really seem to find a pair of the black plate mouse ear though - in fact I only know they exist today.

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They do sound very similar, but if one is getting a backup, it might as well be that.


They also come with different Tung-Sol markings on the base.


Finally there is a rare version with the getter on top, above the ears.

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The mouse ear is one of the very best for resolution and extension. Its always been an underrated tube.
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I think the value has stayed down partly because of the tendency of that tube's bases to crack.
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Glad to see that what I feel matches you guys' assessment. It might also partly due to the fact that I'm using sophia princess 274a as I read somewhere previously it is also a little veiled, I'll see how it goes when 596s arrived. Tube rolling is fun ;p

@skylab: albeit being a minus in the aesthetic department I think it is doing us a favor as it doesn't affect the sound and keeping the price down wink.gif
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I'm quite new to 6SN7 and recently bought a pair of used Tungsol 6SN7GTB black pate with D getter.  After turned the tube on for about an hour I noticed one tube developing some sort of fog in side (bottom right).  Wondering if this fog could be a sign of this tube losing its vacuum?  But sound wise, even after the fog has developed, is great with good detail, dynamic and impact, much better than the RCA silver label bottom getter.    Would be great if any expert could help me out with the fog if this would be the sign of tube going bad? Or I can just keep running this since sound is still great?


Given the sound, I definitely be hunting for more Tungsol GTB black plate and may also try the mouse ear ones too.


Thanking all of you in advance...


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If the getter (the silver patch at the top of the tube) turns white, then you have a problem and should stop using the tube.  It means you have lost vacuum. 


That blotch on the side looks like some of the getter burned off and redeposited there which is nothing to worry about.  It just means it is doing its job more or less.

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I've struggled to score a backup pair of TSBGRP and am considering a pair of 6F8G instead. Can anyone comment on National Union Vs. Tung-Sol, both round plates.... I can get either but don't want both at the moment.

Advice appreciated as always, you guys are my gurus and have never steered me wrong yet biggrin.gif
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watch out for the NU 6f8g, they might be round plates and have a wonderful sound, but my they are noisy as hell. warm up time takes a while and break in time takes longest of all 6f8g I've tried. the TS 6f8g are also great tubes but without the noise. the NU are microphonic as hell whike the TS are much quitter. That said once you have a great pair of NU that isn't noisy its signature its wonderful. trust me I have like 5 pairs I think and 4 of them are noisy.
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I agree with Neogeo333.

The NU 6F8G are great tubes if you get a nice pair.

And so are the TS BGRP's.


I am sure you'll be happy with either.

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