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Frank, if you are referring to the black glass round plate variety I have a good number of pairs of them.  None of my tube components will take a 6SN7 instead of a 6SL7 or vice versa.

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so your using all 6SL7 tubes. I thought you were using the 6sn7 because you asked me about them the other day.

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I use 6SL7s in my phono pre but I use 6SN7s in my DAC, Modwright Transporter and Modwright Oppo.  Everyone gets to play.

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If you want some 5692 without spending a fortune, look out for some brown base 5692s from CBS / Hytron. They look and sound identical to my 'reds' but at a fraction of the price.

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The CBS/Hytron 5692 sound better than the RCA 5692 to me.

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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post

The CBS/Hytron 5692 sound better than the RCA 5692 to me.

All 5692 were manufactured by RCA according to Brent Jesse recordings. They made them all according to Brent.

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Brent is a very knowledgable guy, but I don't agree with him at all on this point. I'm almost 100% positive the CBS/Hytron 5962's are in fact made by Hytron.

I also agree with Stavros that they sound better than the RCAs.
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and at a fraction of the cost :)

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I like the hytrons 6sn7. Nice sounding tube.
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Mouse ears...what a great tube in the WA3. Dead silent, nice stage, smoooooth. I might like them better than A-Frames. smily_headphones1.gif
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Does anyone want to split Gopher's pair of Synergy / Create 6SN7's with me?  I only wish to buy 1 to try.

Update.  I bot one.  Gopher has 1 remaining if anyone cares.

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Just getting back into tubes after a long break. Bought an Icon HP8 as I had a stash of 6SN7's I thought I could use. My favourite tubes in my old WA6 were a pair of genuine Bad Boys but after putting them in the HP8 I'm noticing a noise from one tube which I never noticed before. It's an on/off kind of whooshing noise which does stop eventually but I'm a little worried it's on it's way out, any of you notice this sort of noise before?

In the HP8 the Bad Boys are great but are bettered by a pair of Sylvania tubes with yellow print (from the 50's I think). Anyone else own the HP8? If so what are your favourites?
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In the WA6 one section of the 6SN7 is used as a driver stage and the other section as an output stage.  In the HP8 the tube is used exclusively as an output stage presumably by paralleling both section together.  Generally speaking the output stage is less sensitive to noisy tubes than the driver stage so it's odd that are hearing noise from them when you did not in the WA6.  I can only guess the noisy section was the section the WA6 was using on the output side and that maybe the HP8 is pushing the tube a little harder revealing an issue the WA6 did not.


My BGRP Tung Sols have a rustling noise that was not existent back when I was using them in my WA6 as well.  It depends a lot on the amp circuit and how aggressively the tube is being biased.

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Thanks Xcalibur255, good to hear from you again :)

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I use some noisy 6F8G drivers as outputs on the same amp and there is no noise issue, as they are run on a different operating point.


As Xcalibur mentioned much depends on how the tube is run.

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