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Could be FIVRE or one of the other Italian makers but can't tell from the photo.


From the plate structure I agree with Xcalibur, Rob and Oskari that it's not of CCCP origin.

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So.......... How do 1578's sound relative to NU or Ken-Rad 6F8G's?

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I don't like the 1578's but others do, they seem to have no mids only high and low end.


If you decide to try them, make sure you get the proper ones with the perforated plates.

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The 1578 is unlike any other tube I've heard. It is incredibly open-sounding, which also means that it is too bright for my taste with most 6AS7Gs, but not so with the Svetlana. (The Svetlana 6N13S may sound flat if not suitably stimulated.) The 1578 could be useful in an otherwise dull system, or must be paired very carefully with the other tubes in the system. It is clearly not a universal solution. That's my experience in my amp. The NU 6F8G is a lively tube as well but in a very different way.

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Thanks, all.   It does not sound like my cup of tea.  Especially given the price commanded by the genuine 1578's.

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So far, I like best in my ECBA the Ken-Rad 6F8G followed by the NU of the same designation.  I am curious about the 6C8G as I could potentially benefit from the higher mu of this tube with my LCD2's.  Any thoughts/experience with 6C8G's relative to 6F8G's?

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I got the that Pinnacle 6SN7 GT pic from ebay...someone got it very cheap after bid ended...

that the best pic I can get bit blury.


I just got my Tung-Sol 6SN7GT from ebay, not the round plate version but the one that similar with Mouse Ear version but without the Ears..

I run it today and the sounds very-very good even I like Tung-Sol's better than my Sylvania VT231.  The bass is deep and tight, mid still smooth and musical but sounds neutral and non euphonic at all, high still detailed and live.

The Tung-Sol comes in 4 different brands - 1 Tung-Sol, 1 Greylook, 1 Motorolla, 1 Dummont but all the construction are identical and sounds identical.

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setamp have you tried any ECC35's or some 6sl7 variants like the TS 6SU7GTY?

I have not tried any 6C8G's yet, sorry.


eherdian, well done they are very nice tubes at reasonable prices.

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I have tried a Mulllard ecc35 and liked the dynamics but prefer the midrange magic and detail of the K-R 6f8g. The 6c8's are cheap enough that I'll give one a try.

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I also like the Raytheon 6F8G.


The ECC35 sound excellent to me.

Saying that there are many variants a lot depends on which ones you tried.


What about the ECC33?

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The ecc35 i tried had a few miles on it - that certainly could make a difference as well.  I do have an ecc33.  I wasn't impressed the last time i tried it but i have made several system changes since then and it's worth going through my entire stash again.

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The ECC35 is a wonderful tube.  I used 4 of them in my Cary phono pre.  I haven't found another 6SL7 variant that comes close.

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The TS 6S7UGTY is not a bad tube either David.

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I have about a dozen of them.  They are nice too, but the Mullard ECC35 is my fav, thanks to Rob!

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Originally Posted by dminches View Post

I have about a dozen of them.  They are nice too, but the Mullard ECC35 is my fav, thanks to Rob!

David did you fins=d any tungsol black paint tubes yet they are my favorite 6sn7 so far but I have some long plates a coming as well as some Sylvania chrome tops. I want to score one pair of 5692 RCA buy they ar pricey. The black paint tungsol are ridiculous in price if you can find them. They are greatr tubes. I have one other pair but I am using the JAN 6sn7 black paint now in the WA5.

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