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sorry to ask again..


how's sylvania compare to tung-sol? I mean tung-sol "mouse ear" and GTB D getter version?  and how's the sound between mouse and GTB?

as far as I read this thread maybe I will like tung-sol because neutral sound and no congestion.


I found on ebay the mouse ear but different brand.. 1 tung-sol 1 dummont, physically identical but is there any risk different sound production or else? 



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eherdian, there is no need to apologize.


The GTB variants have a stronger bass presence to me.


The Tung-Sol "Mouse Ears" are more neutral and a wonderful tube to have.


They were all made by Tung-Sol as far as I know.

Make sure they have the same type plates grey or black.

They are prone to base cracks, which will affect the price but not the sound.

Good Luck!

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thanks Rosgr63..


I found this


is it worth to try?  this is tung-sol similar to mouse ear without ear right?

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From what I see two are testing close to new, and all look identical.

They do sound like the mouse ears ones so they are worth trying.

Good Luck.

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I won the tubes....  can't wait to hear the sound 

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Well done eherdian!


A very good price for a quad of nice tubes.


Let us know how you like them.

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I now have several different 6SN7 Tubes and can't quite say I'm over the top with any of them as each one seems to have nice attriubutes. Slight ranking in my system thru a deHavilland UltraVerve PreAmp. Sylvania JAN CHS short bottle black base 45' 6SN7W: Nice tube, great midrange and high end, outstanding soundstage and excellent detail. Slighty bass shy with above average impact. All around performer but with a compromise. Sylvania Red Label GTB: Strong Testing late 50's Tube with great dynamics and swing. Vocals are very sweet. Good soundstage, nice midrange, tuneful bass. Slightly better down low than the JAN. Excellent rich sound with horns. Lacks that final refinement and low level detail of the JAN. Shuguang Treasure CV181: Get down and dirty bass and prominent baritone vocal midrange. Nice soundstage but behind the Sylvania's. Top end sweet but just slightly rolled off and not as exciting. Lacks the detail, Sweet Brass sound Create Synergy: All around does everything nicely and does not highlight any spectrum. Downside is nothing is overly exciting but nice to hear. TungSol GTB: 60's blackplate. Too hi fi sounding in the top end and overly punchy artificial bass. Nice midrange but could not overcome the bass 60' Sylvania Chrome top: I'm not sure what it does well. Just too sparkly in an artificial way up top and overly warm with out detail in the midrange with wooly bass. Might be a bad tube
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One of my favourite tubes is the 6SN7W short bottle black base with the lower mica inside the base.


If you had to choose one which one would it be?

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I'm looking for a nice pair of adapters to get a 6SN7 in a 6GC7 socket (9 pin male to 8 pin female). Anyone have a good recommendation?
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@ carusoracer:  


Seems you don't like the sound of sylvania chrome top, but I read somewhere in this thread the chrome top have quite good sound after sylvania 6SN7W..

which chrome top is yours?  Do you have a picture of it? Because I'm planning to have 1 pair of those too.





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Originally Posted by GrindingThud View Post

I'm looking for a nice pair of adapters to get a 6SN7 in a 6GC7 socket (9 pin male to 8 pin female). Anyone have a good recommendation?



I recommend you PM 2359glenn

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My current fav in my ECBA is a NU 6F8G (adapter from 2359glenn).  It has wonderful mids with great air,space and clarity while maintaining unrivaled smoothness.  It is a bit soft in the bottom, however.  If only I could have it all..............

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Originally Posted by setamp View Post



That's a lovely tube!

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Indeed, I use a pair as output for my SP.


BTW it's Craig's favourite driver for the ECBA.

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I have 2 different pairs of NU 6F8Gs, neither of which have made their way into my DAC yet.  I will take some pictures and post them when I get a chance.


I just found a quad of TS 6F8Gs, square mica.  I really like this version of that tube.

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