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I wish I had a soldering iron Stavros.  Might need to somehow use the electric stovebiggrin.gif.  I will probably just leave it as it until I get hold of a iron.  In the mean time just got another pair of Fivre 6sn7 to play with.  I'm starting to like this tube more and more.  Stavros do you know if the Sicte and Fivre are the same? 

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Hi George, I don't recommend using a stove but a soldering iron when you get the chance.


The Sicte are not the same as the FIVRE, and are worth a try.


Which Fivre did you get?

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Got another grey plates and black base.   This one got the sticker on the glass. 

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Side or bottom getter?

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Is it me or have Colomor's prices gone through the roof?  Everything they have listed seems ridiculously priced.

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From sometime ago, I am afraid.

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Do they actually sell anything at those prices?

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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post

Side or bottom getter?
bottom getter. did fivre made a side getter one?
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Yes, here they are:



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Who is a good source of Fivre 6sn7's?

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Thanks Stavros. I don't know, but all the 6sn7 I've heard with side getters from GE to RCA and Raytheon all sounds mediocre. I hope the Fivre doesn't sound like them.
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It's been too long since I listened to them, I don't think they were better than the usual ones.

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setamp, check ebay, theres a guy from Italy selling fivre 6sn7. give him an offer he can't refuse. The price for the tubes are reasonable but shipping is killer. prepare to drop out 110 to 125 with shipping to the states. Definitely not cheap.
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Musicman59 has a nice pair brown base black plates for sale, check the FS forums.

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