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Originally Posted by Xcalibur255 View Post

Honestly I would try out the Sylvanias you already bought, they might give you what you're looking for.  You can get them cheaper than the price you paid but they are still good tubes.  Sometimes the price is determined by rarity, not necessarily by how good it is.  Some of the tubes that go for high prices I think are pretty mediocre.  There's nothing wrong with the Sylvanias you bought so give them a spin before spending more.


I got both today and I am trying the Sylvania tubes right now.  Immediately I think they lend an improvement to soundstage. Instruments are much more left/right forward/back as they are supposed to be, it's marked over the RCAs I had in there before.   The RCA lent a bit of warmness, these still are a tad warm but not as much.  I like warmness to a degree, and the RCAs were IMO good, these are better though.  The warmth is somehow more tasteful?  restrained?   I don't know how to express it, but it's warm when it needs to be?   As far as SQ, they have shown taut bass & airy highs without any glassy bits.   Digging them so far, I guess I am obligated to since I overpaid !


I still like the RCAs, however they will be demoted to backup after today.   I have yet to try the GE tubes, maybe they will be OK too, but I'm in no hurry.


Edit: By request, here are some pictures of the Sylvania GTBs



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Very good expressive and detailed comments. The exact amount information I have been looking for.

I'm out find what I can within reason. I have yet to find a metal base or W, but I'm sure they're out in someone's hands to sell.

Interesting comment about the short black base w as being loose in the bass region. I do not favor that type of sound yet I do like the slight warmth in lower mids.
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Double post
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Originally Posted by Neogeo333 View Post

that sure is a rare tube. My guess is that it will sound like a mouse ears but it will cost too much because of the rarity.


George, I don't expect it will sound any better than the ordinary mouse ears, maybe worst.

It cost me 4 times as much as an ordinary mouse ears, so I did overpay no doubt.

I'll let you know how it sounds when it arrives.


Originally Posted by Xcalibur255 View Post

I have seen that type once before with the freakishly tall glass.  They are indeed rare, like the BGRP Tung Sols with the square micas.


I have square type micas in Tung-Sol and NU versions, but never seen Mouse Ears with a D-Type Foil Getter before.


Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

Wow Stavros that IS a rare one! Wow. Cool!


Thanks Rob, it's my rarest find yet, but with tubes you never know.

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Question to all,

I have been tube rolling in my preamp, and have been absolutely smitten with this not so rare, rather common grade, for the most part, Sylvania 6SN7GTB.
I'm told that the red lettering on the base was only on hand for TV repairman. This tube has a circle getter average flashing and The ladder type plate with an alloy looking silver circular mice. It reads AeX? On the black base.
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Can anyone identify the vintage of that tube? Very nice tone, great soundstage and at top end that seems a little shimmery but still has nice sparkle.

If the higher end older Sylvania tubes sound better than this one, wow I'm looking forward to hearing it! I still have yet to source a Jan CHS W metal base or the short bottle Jan CHS W early Green lettered black base tube.
Great thread!
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Does your GTB have any numbers on the base or top?


Any chance of a photo?

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The numbers are on the tube identifying 6SN7GTB on the side
There are no other numbers on the glass itself

I thought it read in Red lettering the black base ec ALX Sylvania
I will have to sort thru how to post pics via an iPhone.
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I am afraid I can only tell from the date codes like 123 or 6123 etc.


I can't tell from letter sequences on US tubes, sorry.

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Would the sound of the brown base 6SN7W JAN CHS sound the same as the Black base? When were the production dates? 1950's?
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Is this the Brown Base Sylvania 6SN7W you are referring to?


This was made in 1952 with date code 245






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Nice picture. Would that be the Date Code and the best of the brown base to look for? How would it compare to the earlier 6SN7W JAN CHS Black base short bottle?
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I believe the brown base W is more commonly found with T-plates if I'm not mistaken.  A nice find there.

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That's right xcalibur, T-plates are more common.


carusoracer that is the date code, first digit is the production year and the other two the production week.


I am not sure it's the one to go for it's just the one I have, but for my tastes it can't beat the short bottle brown base made during WWII.

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I'm new to the 6sn7 tube,& recently,got a crack amp

One of the tubes I'm using ,is the GE5814

Can anyone give me an opinion on these tubes:


Any info will be appreciated




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