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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post

A custom made one getting built soon.

A pair of either 310A or 310B or 328A will be the drivers.

Well then, I'll just go and stand in your line...wink.gif

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I thought we were friends!   frown.gif

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You walk a very inspiring path...


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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.......

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Dogs & Cats are overrated. If I had 2359glenn-like skills, I'd have a basement tongue_smile.giffull of glass and iron.

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What might these be?  I can't say I've seen such a plate color before, and the style looks Brimar/Mullard.

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Don't know about the seller's testing method, but those are relatively early meaning they can take more than 450 on the plate. I've seen later G.E.s which cannot handle ~500vdc anode volts without some plate 'blushing' which of course can release elemental deposits in the anode, thus ruining the vacuum.

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They actually look like 6SL7 22mm type plates, not ECC32 or 6SN7.

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6SL7 would be logical, I didn't think of that.

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I have a few 6SL7's with exactly the same plates.

The seller was thinking about ECC35 and 6SL7.


BTW I tried the RFT 6H8C 1954 vintage with the wide plates and it sounded very nice with my Glenn OTL.

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Stavros, which headphones have you been using with Glenn's OTL?

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I mostly use my Grado SR325is and occasionally, Maestro GMP400 or DT880.


The Grado easily reveal noisy tubes.

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Are your DT880's the 600ohm version Stavros?  I've been wondering how great the GR amps sound when used with the types of headphones they are best suited for.

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What should one do if a tube is arcing during warm-up?

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take a video of it.

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