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Nice tubesbiggrin.gif


Which lucky amp going to get them?


If you have time and patience, you can still get some great bargains from Ebay, otherwise you pay big dollar.



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Seamaster your RCA Grey Glass is a great tube and as Xcalibur said the KR staggered plates are good too.


As for the Chinese ECC32 I agree with Rob.


What's the getter of your grey plates Brimar like?

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Is this the smoked glass, in comparison to a clear glass RCA 6sn7? How are they supposed to sound/differ from each other?



How do you tell the differences between the tube's sound? I couldn't remember its sound by the time I switch my amp off, twiggle one tube out, pop another in, turn the amp on and give it another ~3min for it to warm up...

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The other differences that I can see is the support rods. On the smoke glass  the support rods are internal and runs the whole length of theplate. On the clear glass the support rods are only attached to the plate in one spot. I do not have these tubes and can not tell what the sounds differences could be.

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When it hits my door I will have...


Sylvania 6SN7 Bad Boy

CBS/Hytron 5692 Brown Base

Ken Rad VT-231 Black Glass


Is there a 4th one I should look into to compliment those, that is under $100 and not quote unquote top tilted?

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Yes - Sylvania 6SN7WGTA brown base
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This one?


"6SN7WGT/A, Early type, brownbase, JAN Sylvania Military grade, black triangular plates


These are early brownbase types, with either the dark brown or marbled brown micanol bases, all Sylvania labels. These are the famous military JAN tubes, as sweet as the VT-231 types, but with brown bases."


And then of course the question... what do they 'sound' like?

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I would suggest a Grey Glass RCA to complement your selection as the 5th tube.

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The Sylvania WTGA are very smooth, with an open midrange, a sligtly sweet treble, and a full and extended bass. Not the most extended at either extreme, but that's a very slight reticence. IMO, an underrated tube.

But Stavros' recommendation is also excellent - the grey glass RCA is a great tube.
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I suppose without reference the question is compared to what?  Sky would you mind adding your thoughts to these too?



Sylvania 6SN7 Bad Boy

CBS/Hytron 5692 Brown Base

Ken Rad VT-231 Black Glass

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I've commented pretty recently on the Bad Boy (neutral and extended but kind of sterile) and Ken Rad (the bass monster, but a bit thick sounding). The Hytron 5692 is also a great tube, sounds to me much like the Sylvania WGTA.

All are quite good, though, especially in the right context.
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Think I'll sit pretty at 3 then :D

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You think the Badboy sounds sterile Skylab? 


Personally I'm almost all the way on the other side of the scale.  Lush and wet would be my words for it, though in a lower midrange octave than where those values usually live, which is why I like the tube really.  When I think sterile the first thing that comes to mind are Raytheons personally, followed by some Tung Sols if they aren't paired well with other tubes.

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sterile Pristinely clean but uninvolving.


I agree with the first part of the definition, but uninvolving depends on your definition.

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I wouldn't even use the word clean.  That describes my personal favorite Sylvania tube very well (clean yet very involving), but the Bad Boy is a lot more romantic than that if you ask me.  It goes to show how amp dependent it all is, but FWIW I found the Bad Boy to sound about the same tonally both my transformer coupled Woo and my current OTL amp.

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