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Shure SE530 vs. Westone UM2

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Hi all,
I am shopping iems in the 200-300 range and I am a little stymied, I could use some help. I have currently narrowed it down between Shure SE530s and westone UM 2. I am not a huge fan of shures super bulky cords, if it is truly a toss up, Ill go westone. I know it all comes down to personal preference, so I mostly listen to rock and hip hop.
Any input on this would be greatly helpful.

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Why only those 2..... tons of options in that price range. Are you looking strictly at BA iem's?
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Well it was just from reading around the guides here, a couple reviews. I was intrested in the BAs because as far as I know I haven't owned IEM's with them, and I was curious what they were like. I am open to suggestions on what might be better.
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530s have good mids,decent sound-stage and ample bass for most genre but suffers from roll-off highs and build quality. UM2 have big bass impact,good vocals and also great fit but also suffers from roll-off highs and small sound-stage. The e-Q7 is around your budget if possible I would recommend you to get them as they resembles the 530s sound signature as they have similar mid performance only less forward. They also produce better highs than the 530s and they are more transparent than the 530s. TF10 is also a good alternative if you want a phone with good treble,bass and big sound-stage plus they are also cheaper than the 530s.
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530 or um2? easily the 530, its a clear step up over the um2
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I have both and while I cannot make myself like the shures for their lack of dynamism (for which blame is to BAs in general and not se530 specifically), it is a clear step up from um2 in terms of SQ. Comfort is similar but cables on um2 is a true gem. Um2 fits me (as do most people) like a glove, totally flush with my auricle.
But if SQ is your only concern, se530. It felt like what um2 should have been, more complete, like the body found its head finally screwed on due to the comparatively superior highs.
My 2 cents.
But I still hate them. Any takers?
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UM2 (and UM3X to a good extension) is designed for on stage monitoring purpose, so it sounds a little duller compared to the more exciting SE530. If it is purely for music, SE530 will be a better choice. I find UM2 rather good for long hours laid back listening, like passive listening when you are doing something else but want to listen to some music in the background. You can't make monitoring-use IEM to be too 'exciting' or else you will get hearing fatigue on-stage too soon. I would say UM2 and UM3X are more monitoring friendly as oppose to music enjoyment friendly. But depends on how you like your music to sound like, they are excellent choices too.
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UM2 has short high, short mid, and a very poor soundstage, but good dynamic and very clean basses. UM3x are quite different since they have defined highs and mids, but still a clear and net bass, and they have a really wider soundstage.
The UM2 for me is a "M" sound : high lack of definition, medium high are present but very short and not that detailled, low medium are weak, and low are powerfull. That make a sexy sound for most listener, but if you really like details and precision, just throw them away. Sound is too tight.

TF10 is the pure american sound : V oriented, massive bass, low details, rely too much on its power / a bit lazy. Something I want to forget is the money i spent for it.

The 530 would be the best of all if you want some music and sensation or UM3x.

But here again, my impressions are due to the fact I only listen to master quality records. It also depends on what kind of source you want to use.
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I'll take Shures out of two if everything is about the sound. Westones rules in terms of durability. But to my ears TF10 are better sounding phones, except for it's fit. I sold it, 'cause it was pain for me to wear it & they are too big with custom molds.
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