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Possible AD700 Mod

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Hey Guys,

So I'm really enjoy my AD700s and the one thing thats a little annoying is the length of the cord. Thats a problem I can very easily fix. What I was thinking would be cool those is adding a jack so the cord is easily replaceable.

So my question right now is how do I disassemble these things? I can turn the ear pads a bit, but I'm not sure how to take them off...its probably pretty easy to do, but I haven't figured it out. I feel like I'm going to rip the pads or something if I pull them to hard.

Anyways, any help would be appreciated.

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I found this on another forum. Helped me a lot
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An easier option might be to reterminate the cable into a female 3.5 mini plug. Then you can use any cable you want.
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Thats what I'll be doing. One reason I'd like to put the jack in the headphones though is because of a case I just got. When I store the headphones, that cable coming out of the earpiece gets bent quite a bit. It'd be nice to able to just unplug the cable so its not being bent at all.
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I finally got around to doing this mod and it turned out great! Here are some pics of the finished product.






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Thats a nicely done mod! How many days/hours you spent? 

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Actually it took me less than an hour, maybe 45 minutes because I forgot to put the cover on the wire before I soldered the new plug haha.

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What plugs and cable did you use for the mod?

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I used the stock cable, although I shortened it a bit because its so long. I bought the plug and jack from mouser.com


The plug is a Neutrik NYS231G (3.5mm stereo nickel/gold). The jack is a 161-3300-EX. Both components are less than 2 dollars. Shipping was the most expensive part.

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this is suprinsingly easier than it looks.

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here are the parts you need:


female connector:



male connector:



all you gotta do is, cut off the cord right underneath the heat shrink from the cup.  then, open up the cup and keep those 4 screws secret and safe.  carefully open the driver up, pull the wire through the hole.  now pull out the heatshrink.  next your gonna want to take a drill or dremel preferbly and make the hole a bit larger so the female connector can stay in.  once done with that, strip the wire that was inside the earpiece, use your teeth because they are thin wires.  now connect them to the female connector one for each side just like a stereo.  plug it back in.  do the same thing for the other side of the cable for a male connection.  once done, put the headphone back together, and plug that puppy in.

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Awesome mod! I wonder how the AD700 sounds balanced?

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wish i knew how to balance them or i'd tell ya

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Sorry for bringing up this old post again. I have a question:


What if i want to have the detachable cable and a detachable mic like the "AD700 Dark Knight Mod." Do I still use the same connectors?


So would I need this one




for the detachable cable? And what kind of jack would I need for the mic? How would the two jacks be wired? And what detachable cable would I need? 4 pole male to 4 pole male? Sorry if the questions are stupid....


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anybody that knows?

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