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Hi guys, I'm excited. I just got NIB Bauer 7000 for $200. I know it's an old model but I think it's still a lot better than the rental I used I've always wanted to have my own skates. Btw, do I need to heat-mold it?
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Skating is easily my favorite winter activity (I don't ski enough for that to win). My skates are pretty low-end CCMs, but they suit my needs quite well if I keep them sharp. One of my biggest regrets is not playing hockey in my youth, because I enjoy skating so much.
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I got a new job working at the new 'Icehouse' dual rink skating center in Melbourne. (cost $60M or something )

My first skate ever was a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I've picked it up really quick and got my hands on some friends CCM skates. I'm able to get out on the ice after the public leave and play hockey with co-workers, it rules so much. (And i'm being taught how to drive the Zamboni ).
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