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Originally Posted by Brandon7s View Post
I love OpenOffice. I prefer it to MS Office, actually,
I have to agree with you on that point though I think the latest Microsoft Office 10 is much better than both Open Office and Microsoft Office 2007 version which I still own. I am a big supporter of Open Office.
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Too many to count. Firefox, OpenSolaris, gcc, XEmacs, Python, nginx, PHP, WordPress just to mention the main ones. I build my packages from source using a home-made automated system instead of using pre-packaged binaries like Fink, Debian or Blastwave, and I have 490 package build meta-makefiles in my list.
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Ubuntu, Firefox, Android... wow there's alot of them I use now that I think about it, but too lazy to list them. Just recently got Ubuntu and it's really cool. Any theme recomendations for it?
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