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Further thoughts:

- the Grados have an almost complete lack of soundstage and separation which I find disturbing and which really leaves me wanting more. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's not bad by any means and it's a fun headphone to listen to, but it really is a very particular sound and I'm not really sure if it is for me;

- so to me, there's no real contest here: I find that the HD-600 are in another universe in terms of sound quality, detail, etc. I just listened to a few songs by Live (Lakini's Juice, Turn My Head) and the Senns were pretty heavenly;

- that being said, the HD-600 comfort problem persists. It's not so much the vise grip anymore (I've either gotten used to it or they've relaxed, or both), it's the heat issue. I know it's kinda stupid, but the heat generated on my ears after a 10-15 minute session is pretty annoying. Not sure if this is an HD-600 thing or a full-size can thing; these are my first full-size cans and it's quite possible that I'd feel that way with most of them, but the Grados, for example, are considerably better in this respect.

- I find most that for most of my music, the Headsix/HD-600 combo works well. There is a feeling (quite subjective) that there may be some room to grow there, that the Senns could do better with better amplification (wow, they can sound better? is what I keep thinking, a bit incredulously), but it's only with the odd song that I feel the combination truly lacking. I mean, the amp is at 75-80 per cent of its output most of the time, with my source at its highest volume most of the time as well; I'm going to go purchase a DC adapter to see if I can't give the Headsix more power, see if that makes a difference.

So, I seem to be inching closer to the Senns with every A/B song I do, but the thought that I've picked two headphones that are possibly both wrong for me has crossed my mind as well...another week of A/Bing ahead...
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Okay - just spent the entire afternoon A/Bing (so much for work!), and I haven't found a single song that I liked better on the SR-225i. Not one. I may work on this some more, but I'm finding the HD-600 very seductive and I think we may have a winner yet.

I occasionally found parts of songs that I liked better on the Grados - they really render electric guitar EXTREMELY well, make that distorsion sound quite engaging. So if that's your thing, you will be well served.

But auditioning headphones will really bring you back to what it is that you like about music, and I think the HD-600 fit my tastes better. Every time I start by listening to a song on the Grados, I find myself longing for what it will sound like on the Senns, and not vice-versa. Yes, it would probably be nice to own both, but my guess is I'll be hanging on to some very expensive ear-warmers...
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As I suspected...
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