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Originally Posted by Mochan View Post
I'll chalk this one up to individual differences.

First off, the Beyer DT770 is very *light* dont let its size fool you, it's actually lighter than my AD700.
I find it very comfy. I have no complaints with its fit.
The pressure it exerts is not on my head, it's on my ears and temples.

If you find the DT770 giving you a headache... maybe it's actually the fatiguing sound that gives you problems, not the physical aspect of headphone itself?
No, like I said they start to hurt even when I have nothing playing. It's quite obviously a throbbing feeling on the top of my head where the band rests, no mistaking it.
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Did you ever find a pair of substitute headphones? I just picked up 2 pair of these, one for my lady and a pair for myself. She doesn't have any discomfort but I suffer from clamping that hurts my freaking jaw, and pain on top of my head. Previously I had some sennheiser 350se's that didn't sound great, but were comfortable. Any suggestions?

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