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$97.99 on ebay from unique_squared

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For reals?  I did not know this. 


I got mine from Amazon for $113 I think.  I love  them.

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guitar center has them, and does price matching
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I got my M50's last week, burned them in for 100 hours.  I have to say for 99.00 shipped they are an incredible deal.

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The M50s are definitely the best deal ever for around $99. Very few headphones come close to the sound quality for that price. If only the SRH-840s cost less, then they'd have more competition. To my ears, the 750DJ are nothing like the SRH-840. I'm not a fan of the 750 at all. It was probably my least favorite headphone i've ever tried. I know a lot of people love them, so I won't comment on why.


The only thing else I've found that can compete with the M50 is the Koss DJ Pro 100. Without an amp, probably not. I actually prefer the sound signature, fit and comfort of the Pro 100 over the M50. The extra detail on the Pro 100 is nice and it doesn't have quite the same amount of bass, which is good to me. For the past few weeks i've almost always preferred listening to the Koss over the M50s. The M50s do a few things wrong to me, which most people don't seem to have a problem with. The M50s are a better match for straight out of an ipod though. Oh yeah the DJ Pro 100 is also only $80!


It will make my day to see more people compare these Koss headphones to the M50s with a good amp. Hopefully someday i'll know for sure i'm not deaf for liking these Koss headphones so much!

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Where can we get the ATH-M50 for $99 NIB on ebay? The cheapest ATH-M50 on ebay is listed at $159.95.

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i don't think they sell for that cheap anymore

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this thread resurrected from the dead? 

no the M50 is not as cheap anymore. 

fluctuates a lot between 100-160

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DAMNIT PEOPLE!!! B&H PHOTO VIDEO HAS THEM FOR 120$ FREE SHIPPING USA  with NO sales tax outside of NY state, I bought my HD800's from B&H they are trustworthy!

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Sorry to go off the OP's topic, but how would the M50's fare producing electronic music?

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Not sure. Didn't use them for electronic at all. 

Bass is alright, so I think it would at least fair decently

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I'm just concerned if the bass is too over-emphasized for producing. Does anyone here produce with M50's?

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cannot wait my M50 now :)

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I love the ATH M50's, nothing in its price range beats its clean tight and deep bass. 

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got my sennheiser hd 280 pro's for $65 on ebay




32 db of noise attenuation


replaceable parts 


light weight 

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Hey! I am new to head fi but i love the site but anyways im just a listener who wants good audio quality my music Player is a samsung flight 2 just a phone i never had a good set of headphones before so i did some research i stumbled upon the m50s but i was wondering if that would even be worth it in my case? Also i will be doing my listning mostly in a bus,car or at home and i listen to hip hop/rap i would love to hear back thanks!!
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