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CK10 or straight to CK100?

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I heard the CK100 at the Melbourne HF meet (Thanks yukari!) and I know these are the final iems I will buy for a very very long time, but I don't have the money for it. I'm also scared that if the are damaged, I will be without a decent iem for a long time, since the armatures are delicate and they have no replaceable cable like my ie8s.

I haven't heard the CK10 before, but they are more affordable and if they do break, I can buy another pair without having to save for a long time.

So do the CK10 sound similar to the CK100? I'm really scared of buying the CK10 and missing everything the CK100 has over it.
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^ Here's my short comparison. Bottom line, I believe if you like the CK100's mids there's a good chance that you'll like them overall better than the CK10. But there are others who think the CK10 is even better than the CK100.
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lol what's wrong with their mids? I love them.
(I mean what do others think is wrong with their mids?)
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^ Depending on source and tips their mids can sound pretty coldish.

Originally Posted by Trysaeder View Post
I haven't heard the CK10 before, but they are more affordable and if they do break, I can buy another pair without having to save for a long time.
TBO, I don't understand this calculation. The CK10 costs about $250-300, the CK100 costs $380 (from SEYO-Shop).
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If I had 300 and bought the CK10 for 250, I have 50 bucks left that can go towards another CK10, whereas I have to save 150 for the CK100, and if they break, I'm ****ed.
Yea i know, take care of them, but I'm scared of all the talk of BA being very fragile. I have an IE8 which is dynamic and has replaceable cables with a super tank housing.

edit: YES THEY SHIP TO AUSTRALIA FOR ONLY 12 USD, which means only 430 for the Ck100.
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I have never had a BA phone break on me, and you'd have at least 1 year warrany. Plus both Audio Technicas are built like tanks.
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While I am one of those that prefers the CK10 over the CK100, I completedly agree with James to pull the trigger on the CK100 as they sounded so good to you.

IMO the CK100 are much easier to get a proper fit than the CK10 and unless you can get a proper fit with the CK10, they will be bass lite.

And as James says, both are built like tanks so with reasonable care I wouldn`t worry about breakage.
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RE0 are good option too if you don't want to spend that much.
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If you're liking the sound of the 100's so much that you consider them your "final" IEM for a long time, then I would definitely opt for those. Unless you mistreat your IEMs on purpose, I don't foresee the CK100's breaking down on you. They seem very durable/dependable to me.

Sound-wise, I find them different enough from the CK10's that just because you like the one doesn't necessarily mean you'll like the other.

Get the CK100's and treat them right. They should provide you with years of listening pleasure.
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I heard numerous times that ATH-CK series have very high build quality, so don't worry. Just buy them and enjoy!
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The CK100 isn't available in the US. It can be purchased overseas from online sellers, but the price is double that of the CK10. You have the choice of any other high end universal on the planet and even a bunch of entry level customs at their price point, so you'll have to weigh your options carefully. the CK10 is priced right around $200, so it's far easier to swallow and is in itself an excellent product. Then again, there are a lot of other excellent products around the $200 price point too. Really the choice comes down to personal preference. There is no universal "best" product. Best is a relative term.
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Seeing as how the CK100 is twice as much money, you should just get the CK10. If you don't like them, then you can return them.
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Location: Australia

Everything costs an extra ****load of money to ship here...
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The CK100 is definitely expensive regardless where you get them. Even in Japan they cost around $330 US.

If you are set on these then I would go for it. If you get another iem you may always be wondering how the CK100 would have been.
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Both the CK10 and CK100 have a completely different sound. If you really like the CK100, then I suggest you get them. There is no way to tell if you will like the CK10 or not. The CK10 being more neutral with crisper highs, and the CK100 being mid-oriented. The CK100 is the best built IEM in my opinion.
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