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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
Value (worth) is highly subjective.
A specific item costing $110 may seem to provide great value for one person, while to another person it may seem to provide low value (aka overpriced). So in the end only you can tell if you value the SR60i to be worth $110.

I do, but that is just me.
Of course, but if enough people find it to provide value, the PROBABILITY of me finding it to do just that increaseas.

Since I don't have where to try one, that increased probability will have to do
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I'd say so, but I got them down in the States and got them for 80 USD.
So much cheaper in the city they are made in
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I got my Grado SR60 for around $100 here in our place.
I think its sound quality is around 3x its price.
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Aren't the low end Grados made in China? Therefore shipping for retailers shouldn't cost any more in Europe than it does in the US.
Not that any retailer or distributer is going to pay anything like $30 per set anyway as they aren't shipping single sets by express mail!
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Peices of the IGrado are made in China, I believe it's assembled in US, though I could be wrong. The IGrado drivers are the same as SR60i, and made in USA. All other Grado headphones are made in the US.
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Originally Posted by VALIENTE View Post
I got my Grado SR60 for around $100 here in our place.
I think its sound quality is around 3x its price.
Yeah, if the only phone you can compare it to is an underpowered K701.

There is no reason to pay more for a SR60 when you can get a much better headphone, the MS1 (closest to the SR125), for the same price. The MS1 is considered a steal even in U.S. dollars, so once you consider Grado's inflated international prices, it's a no-brainer.
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I can add the MS-1's to my cart and get to the checkout page...

Try a different browser?
Or call them up Alessandro High-End Products
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You're better off just making a trip to New York and get them. I went to New York and got the SR80i for $95 back in February, which here in Canada are selling at $150-160. You could also get someone forward them to you, for the price you mentioned I rather go up one model.
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