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I am using a pair of etymotic research hf5 iems and love the sound but want more detail and sound stage without them being big, I like to sleep with headphones in and lay on my side which I do fine with these but I want more detail and soundstage. I use an iPhone 6+ with a fiio e07k amp. Any suggestions the cheaper the better

Hard to beat the HF5 for detail in that price range. Soundstage is easier. If you're looking to maximize value your best bet IMO would be a nice dual-BA (TWFK) based set. If you're aiming for HF5 price range (<$120) it would probably be a lightly used VSonic VC1000 or UE700. For sleeping the tiny UE700 is better, but not sure if the cable will hold up to sleeping duty. 


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Joker!! GOAT!


Is there a moderately priced CIEM that has a similar signature to the Dunu DN2000's?


I love everything about the DN2k's.. just hate the comfort and heft. Maybe a little more extension in the treble as well. 


$350-$500 range. 1964 Ears? Noble? I'm not sure--this is my first attempt looking into CIEMs. <3


Nothing that I'm familiar with is a perfect match. The 1964-V3 is closest - it's one of the very few CIEMs in my collection with bass that is enhanced enough to match the Dunu (in fact, I think it's a touch more mid-bassy, and warmer as well) and has slightly V/U-shaped overall signature. Not sure how it compares to the Nobles in that price range - I only have the Noble 4S.


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How bad is the GR07 BE sibilance? Anything near that of a VSD3S? Gr07 BE looks like a good step up from my vsd3s, but not for a while, cuz I only got the vsd3s pretty recently.


Yes, similar to the VSD3S.