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Hi, hello joker, you really have things running here. But it is so much that after so much reading I have to ask :).


I am after my first IEM's, I do manly entertainment, and the reason for getting ones is for tablet and 3ds audio play. My budget gets around 30 dollars with a fair room for working it around. The main problem is that since I am in portugal, europe, I don't seem to get half of the brands you have on your reviews, so I'm kinda forced down on the most popular ones like, sony, philips, akg, senheiser, pioneer and stuff.


My main cans are the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 80ohm I think they are the perfect ones for my use and earings and I do love the isolation, it is something important to me, and my main focus is gaming and sound quality (more for the neutral sound but with that kick for entertainment).


So what do you (joker) or you guys can recommend?


I almost buy a philips she3590 and also looked at the akg k321, but I figured it would be first to ask here first.


Hope you or everyone can help me out.


Thank you all in advance :).

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