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Cheers. Continuing to search this place for them.
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Originally Posted by JamesB123 View Post
How are the JVC HA-RX900s regarded?

They seem to be well reviewed; are around £50 with leakage being quite low and good SQ.

I've also read a few things saying the JVC HA-RX700 are slightly better at isolating but was wondering what others thought...
I can do a quick leakage test for you of HA-RX700 against the NS1000 if you like. I have both at home.
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That would be fantastic, if you don't mind.

As I say, that's probably one of the most important things for me...

thanks alot.
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OK test performed in the following highly unscientific manner:

1. Set both headphones to high-comfortable listening level
2. Press earcups together of both headphone and hold at arm's length.
3. Move arms until headphones sound about the same volume.

Now here's something interesting: with active noise cancelling off, the Goldrings leak less than the JVCs. With it on - they leak more - quite a bit more - as in the volume sounds about the same for a full arm's length as the JVCs do for half an arm. I note that the Goldrings sound signature changes with ANR on - the mids and treble become more prominent and the base tightens. It becomes less but faster and punchier.

With both headphone set to a low-comfortable listening level they are almost inaudible at arms length.

My opinion on respective audio quality is unchanged. The Goldrings are more accurate, more revealing, have tighter & punchier (but a little less) bass, better instrument separation etc. They are a heck of a lot harder to drive in passive mode than the JVCs though. They do need an amp for passive mode.
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Thanks for that. Unscientific but helpful :P

I think just for ease of use, considering these will be my first headphones, the JVCs just about take it.

Will have to keep reading up on the actual differences between the 700 and 900.
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I thought the 900s were semi-open: hence they'll leak more than the 700s?
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That's true.

I wrote that yesterday, didn't I. It's too early.

I've also read though that leakage is pretty low on them, even for a semi-open pair. They are also slightly better quality too.
Probably stick with the 700s though.
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