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I love my M50's. Like one of the previous guys mentioned, they just sound natural to me. The right amount of bass, right amount of treble, nice sounding vocals. I got rid of a pair of MS1's that I preferred the m50's to and I also prefer the m50 to my newly aquired 555's with the foam removed.

Anyone have a recomendation for a nice set of open cans with a similar sound sig to the m50's? I'm 0 for 2 with my last couple choices.
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finally there's a thread to our beloved m50
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I tried out the ATH-M50 for over 30 mins last week and I was very impressed with it even though I was only driving it with an iTouch.

The M50, like the usual Audio Technica headphones, sounds airy and spacious. Bass has good definition and goes deep. Imaging and instrument separation are good. I couldn't really fault it for anything especially given the price of about $99. If I had to nitpick, I would say that there's something lacking in the treble. But overall, the M50 is a hell of a headphone.

Once my Accuphase CD player/DAC arrives, I'll see if I can pry the M50 off my friend's hand and try it in my rig.
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Is the ATH- m50 the same as the ATH- pro m50 and does it matter??? Thanks for any clarification..
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I just received my M50s earlier today, and have been thoroughly impressed by them so far, especially for their relatively low price. I bought these because I needed a pair of closed cans for home recording.

I've never heard headphones (or anything, for that matter) reproduce frequencies as low as these cans. Even my DT990\250 Pros don't go this deep; at least that's my impression right now.. I'll have to do more critical listening later. The highs are detailed enough, but not shrill and sibilant. Overall, I'd say the are the most balanced cans I own. I think the bass is just about perfect, not too much not too little, and goes plenty deep. The mids are a little recessed, I think... but I'm not even sure about that - might just be me not being used to listening to closed headphones.

These aren't as detailed as my other headphones, but these are also less than half the price as the rest of my collection. As far as closed headphones goes, these are the most comfortable ones I've worn so far. I don't get why people say the clamping force is too much. Maybe I just have a small head or something.

The ATH-M50s get two thumbs up from me.
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For regular home use, would you reccomend the ath-m50 with coiled or straight cable?
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I prefer straight cable for regular home use.
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I prefer coiled. The 5 feet before stretching is generous enough for most setups, without being 11 feet of unwieldiness. Also, it's much easier to now double it up for a portable setup.
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Depends. Coiled is great to take it outside, but straight might give you more moving space at home. Do you need it?

I have the coiled version with an extension cable made by heels-6. So I can move at home and take it outside easily
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I just got my Dt880/32ohms, and as good as they sound right off the gate, I can say that the M50s sound more enjoyable to me from my initial impressions of both. Though it is open vs. closed, and I tested the Dt880s for like a minute while I have played with the M50s for over a day. Still, it's $100 vs. $300. That goes to show you how awesome the M50s are.

If you're thinking about closed headphones, don't look any further. The M50s are a STEAL for around $100.
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I have two coiled headphones and two straight headphones - they both have their advantages and disadvantages. I think I prefer straight overall though - having some room to move around is nice.

Oh, and I much prefer my M50s to my DT880\250 Pro.
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In the defense of my new DT880/32, I bought them as a clear upgrade to my AD700s for gaming, comfort, and fit. They won't disappoint.

That being said, I for now enjoy the M50s over the DT880/32 a little more for music, mainly because of how great they are at bass, and how well they they put up a fight in clarity. The DT880s are clearly better, but the M50s have slight edge in excitement which is exactly why I bought them.
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I went the straight cable purely for aesthetic reasons.

I'd like to compare the M50s to both DT880 & Shure 840. From what I've read the later two may Just edge out the M50 for detail and refinement, but are also much more expensive. So you'd expect some improvement I suppose.
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Well I ordered a set of these Friday, can't wait to get them in.
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Currently burning my M50s in, so far I am very pleased.
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