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eh.... weird opinion here, i find the m40x better sounding then the m50x , they are more natural, also their treble is a tiny bit rolled off.. and they have no soundstage, tho that is fixed with the hm5 leather (velour if you dont like bass) while the m40x are only 100 bucks plus 20 for the pads, quite worth it i would say. altho i heard the ue6000 are a good alternative to these, would wish to give them a listen.
i compared them to a few sets that i heard in the same price ..
so besides the m50x they beat the mdr v6 in everything besides look (doesnt matter tho.) i also find it much better then the hd280 pro....
the m40x are much more natural then the mdr v6, with better, more accurate bass, natural mids, and not piercing colored highs like the v6 have.
the m40x has less bass and more highs then the hd280 pro, also more soundstage (the hd280pro are so bad in this category, they sound canned).
the m40x do not leak sound untill 70%, where the leakage is still quite minimal.
the isolate better them mdr v6 and worse then the hd280 pro.
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Hi all

New fan of m50 here. All thanks to common interest fan who recommended this strongly. If not I would have wasted unnecessary money on not ideal pair of phones. It is cheap and good!!! So happy now Hahaha. As I'm playing pop songs the musicality and soundstage exceeds my expectation. Wrongly bought Esw9 few years back. But well different signature.
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I have listened to a few AT headphones in Amsterdam. M50 was one of them I believe. Prices ranged from about 100 - 200 euros. My first impression was " Ok this is not bad, sounds better than your standard Sony stuff with a tad bit more clarity". But then I continued listening. And after 3 minutes concluded that its sound was really not worth its price. Still sounds too 'Wooly'. If you continue listening beyond a minute it will become clear.


I wasn't too thrilled about the Grado SR60e either. But they weren't that bad and got a good deal. Then I hooked it up to my Technics DAT recorder's hp output. For some reason those DAT's gave more power to its outputs. With a tad bit more power than your average iPhone-out or DAC. The Grado's sound amazing! Even the Bass opens up and sounds bigger. Makes me wonder how the 8x priced Grados sound like. - In Amsterdam they will not let you listen to the higher priced Grados if they know your budget is way below. 

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