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I received my pair yesterday and I'm hearing the same thing nearly all of you have mentioned about the bass. Too thick in the beginning but slowly opening up over time. I do, however, enjoy them and feel that they were worth the purchase. I purchased them as a pair of closed headphones for home recording. I'll most likely end up switching between the M50 & my HD600 depending on what genre and if I'm doing critical listening or not.

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I noticed recently that if turned up my source volume a bit more they seemed to have a fair bit more bass that I was getting before. Woot woot.  Now I just need an SPL meter...

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I just realized that a small crack had formed on my pleather pad.. Dammit..

This is gonna hurt alot.

Probably was because of sweat or the fact that I always left it in a air-conditioned room.. Argh.

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Now you have an excuse to try out the SRH840 earpads :)

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So I bought a FiiO E7 to hopefully get a little more power out of the M50s from my Zune. I bought them at the same time so I couldn't try it out first. I found out the sound is pretty good. My HD555's aren't all that great with just the Zune and I thought that they might need to be amped. I bought the E7, it's here, I do not want to open it unless I get some serious thoughts on why I should. I already opened it (couldn't help it) but do I have any reason to keep it? I would use it as a DAC occasionally because Thinkpad soundcards are crap.


So what should I do, keep the amp or sell it because it won't work the way I would want it to?

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Would that affect the sound quality? Because I really want the original sound quality , unaltered.

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@ctlaurin - Wierdly to me , thinkpad soundcards work the best of all the 'normal' hardware i've used the m50 with. It has no issues driving it, and is good enough for movies. Considering you bought and opened the E7, why not give it a shot and decide what *you* think? 

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The 840 pads do subtly change the sound...IMHO.

And in some ways...not for the better.

But, you might like the changes better than I did.

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I didn't notice any major change to the sound, it did seem to increase the soundstage a little.  They are much more comfortable to me, they are fairly cheap too so if you don't like it you're not out too much.

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I would recommend trying them out.

They are not very expensive.

You might like the 840 pads better than the M50 earpads...they are more comfortable, IMHO.

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Intrigued... Where is a good source for the 840 pads?

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840 pads - http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SRH840Earpad


440 pads - http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SRH440Earpad/


240 pads - http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SRH240Earpad



They all look the same and the 240 are super cheap. I have heard the 440 and 840 pads are different, so it might just be the stuffing. So cheap you could buy a pair of each.


M50 Pads - http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ATHM50EarPad/

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^^ Heh, heh... Thank you Sir!


EDIT: Having just looked, they are all (the Shures) the exact same photo. All three. So whether or not they are the same or different is anyone's guess. 

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I will probably pick up the 840 pads once my current M50 pads break down. I want to see how much comfort the really offer compared to the M50s because I think the M50s are alredy very comfy.

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There is another thread where someone tried both the 440 and 840 pads.  He said the 840 pads are different, softer than the 440s.

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