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Wow...very interesting KR! I am a bit perplexed as to how you can get Trip Hop crossing over into Metal (by Trip Hop I'm thinking Portishead, Mssive Attack, Ruby etc).

But you are right, I mean the is a very symbiotic relationship between metal and electronica. One of my favourite artists - Scorn - was formed by two guys from Napalm Death, Mick Harris (the master of the blast beat) and Nick Bullen. If you listen to a recent Scorn album you would be hard pressed to find any hint of Napalm Death there, except perhaps the intensity, which is what I think this all boils down to - the moods and emotions conveyed in music.

Bands like Godflesh, Fear Factory, Ministry and Pitch Shifter to name a few easily appeal to those in the electronica sphere, while maybe Panacea, Atari Teenage Riot/Digital Hardcore, appeal to those in the metal faternity who like music that is more heavy-hitting.

Variety is the spice of life
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hey man, i'm with XXhalberstramXX on this one. only i'm not joking.

... nothing like an indecipherable song about corpses and gore to brighten up your day!
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Wow...very interesting KR! I am a bit perplexed as to how you can get Trip Hop crossing over into Metal (by Trip Hop I'm thinking Portishead, Mssive Attack, Ruby etc).
My Dying Bride did a cover of a Portishead song.

Ulver, a Trip Hop band is made up of members from different Black Metal bands.

Metal crosses over with everything!
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.... Jazz is more encompasing than Metal, but the difference is very small.

There are also some other metal styles, like salsa-metal (Puya or Laberinto) and perhaps ska-bands like The Migthy Bosstones, wich sounded pretty hard for me the first time I listened. And don't forget hard new wave stuff like old Billy Idol (Rebel Yell, for example), wich predates Fear Factory's "Obsolete" for example.

And what about whatever Sepultura was doing in the time of "Roots" and "Chaos A.D.", even "Against", working with Japanese percussionists Kodo? Metal mixes so well with styles based on energy and emotions, both the most positive and the most negative. Just like that Metallica song says "energy flows from both the positive and the negative (wich is a good metaphor, but not a scientific reality, of course).

I did interviewed Fear Factory and Sepultura once, and talked about the mixing of different styles on their music. Here are the URLs for those interviews (in Spanish, you'll have to use an online translator is you don't understand it) if you wanna check them out:

Fear Factory:



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Yeah i don't know if i'd group that prog stuff into the metal category. it's a little too "floo-floo" in my opinion (if you know what i mean, which i doubt since not even i do). I mean, if you can include that, you can include rap-core, hardcore, nu-metal, ska-core and who knows what else.

That having been said, hardcore has a pretty big group of sub-genres:

Old School
New School
(and everywhere in between old and new school)
Punk/Hardcore (AFI etc)
Christian Hardcore
DevilCore (Overcast)
Emo-Core (Boy Sets Fire, others)
Vegan Hardcore
Positive Hardcore (posi-core or positive youth hardcore)
Krishna-Core (108, Shelter)
Spirit of '82
Spirit of '88

I'm sure there are more, but it's been a while since i've been to a hardcore show. Not all of these are as distinct as possible musically, but bands are definately consistently described as all of these and more, so i think that classifies as a genre.
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