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Most of my music, including some favorites, are still trapped in 320/VBR MP3s. I'm working on getting the best of it switched into CD/FLAC though.
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I listen to everything on an iPod. If I have something on CD, I import it lossless, not because I can hear any difference but solely for peace of mind. I have about 5,000 tracks, roughly half of which are in 128k, which was the iTunes standard when I bought them. The other half are divided between 256k and lossless (imported off the CD). I can't tell any difference between the bit rates. While low-level stuff (64k) is obviously inferior in quality, I hear more difference between different recordings than I do between the higher bit rates.

What's more, I think headphone listening makes some of these comparisons practically moot. Confessing no perceived difference between "standard" and "premium" bit rates may make me vulnerable to the braggings of someone who considers 256k "slumming it," most of the loudspeaker music I hear in my daily life comes nowhere near the "slumming" I do with my headphones. I was just thinking about it, riding in my car, listening to the radio. It's not that my car's stereo is so bad, as car stereos go. It's just that the standards are so different. What passes for decent audio, within a moving vehicle navigating traffic, is so unbalanced and so lacking in clarity that my average Grado session just blows it away.
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You should have put lossless instead of FLAC. I have a mix of 256 aac, apple lossless and some mp3 I think.
I also just bought a turntable, so I'll probably be adding vinyl to the mix.
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Originally Posted by baka1969 View Post

Are you one of those golden-eared dudes that can hear the difference between .zip and .rar?
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I buy CDs, but first thing I do is rip them in FLAC using XLD.
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flac, cd, vinyl
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for me it's a mix of 128kb+ mp3s, but lately I've been ripping 320kb mp3s
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A mix of everything, I try to go for FLAC/CD but listen to whatever I have on hand as long as it's above 256Kbps mp3. I think the quality of the recoding matters more than the format, I have some pop in FLAC that sounds muddy and horrible because everything is clumped together, and then of course there's lo-fi. But of course, but I'm sure people who only listen to FLAC don't deal with recordings as bad
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I used to keep both flac and 320kbps mp3, but I found I really can not hear the different between them, then I deleted most of my flacs to save some space. And no one of my friends can hear the different.
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Vinyl, SACD, DVD-A, Red Book, AAC, FM broadcast.

Embrace diversity.
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Flac, of course.
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99% ALAC; 1% CD. I prefer the convenience of not worrying about CD's/vinyl.
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WMA lossless, CD, Vinyl.. and several purchased 320k mp3's
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i buy all my cd's and then rip them to ALAC for listening at home with the dac and portably with the iPod classic
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