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Originally Posted by CTechKid View Post
But the selection in the itunes store for non-mainstream offerings is astonishing.

Something that has always puzzled me is that there are no Tool albums in the iTunes store... at least not in the Canadian store. No idea why.
Check out Millisong, I think you'll be surprised at what they offer. I'd say rock music-wise they have almsot as large of a selection as iTunes, and they certainly have a lot more obscure bands (although sadly not a few of my favorites, Joel Plaskett and Cauterize).

iTunes does for sure have a larger selection but there are a lot of good options elsewhere that are much cheaper.
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i have a ton of 128k tracks because most diy bands that give their music away for free download or offer it for cheap download use 128k.
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The poll is too limited and lacks the multiple-choice option, so I had to vote «other».

Main system: CD (rarely DVD-A and SACD)
Computer system: Wave and LAME MP3 (mainly -V0)
On the go: LAME MP3 (mainly -V3)
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I rip my CDs to FLAC. Not that I can hear a difference between FLAC and 320kbps MP3, but encoders improve over time; I'd rather have a lossless version that I can encode to a lossy format with the latest encoder.
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Rip to FLAC. Convert to ALAC for convenience with iTunes. Convert to AAC for iPod. Keep FLAC around in case if anything happens to ALAC format.

Although I don't hear an obvious different between 320kb mp3 vs AAC, I do not have listening fatigue with AAC over extended periods of listening like I do with mp3s. Also, I don't get listening fatigue while playing back FLAC or ALAC.
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All Flac all from CD's,I to am one who likes to own something apart from a heap of 0's and 1's on a HD.
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FLAC here.
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Main stock is my 1.500+ cd collection of which so far about 2/3 has been ripped to 320 kb aac
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Vinyl, Alac, CD's
no lossy formats for me
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I'd love to own all my music in CDs, but it really isn't an option financially for me
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320 kbps WMA, FLAC and CDs. I have some playlists from the past in WMP11 in 128 kbps WMAs which are fossils. Now you may not notice an immediate difference between 320 kbps and FLAC, but ever since my Philips CD690 is in I barely listen to music on the PC for the sound of my CDs trough my CD690 through my headphones is just better to my ears.

My humble HD428 really transformed into an awesome HD428 connected to the CD690.
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WAV, AIFF, SDll. From 16/44 to 32/192.
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All FLAC on my computer (direct rips from my CD). I just convert it to lossless AAC if I want to use it on my portable.
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AIFF and Apple Lossless.
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~3,000 CDs as FLAC,
~350 SACD,
~1,000 lps (some ripped, some on cd)

Portable all Rockboxed and flac.
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