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Hi All,

Just a quickie to announce ALL items now ship free at HeadRoom via traced/tracked UPS Ground delivery service to all continental USA addresses (only).


HR Service & Sales Manager
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Great news!
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ConUS only... UPS is ripping us Canadians off with overbloated 'brokerage fees'.
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Well I just took advantage of it. AWESOME
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Great deal!
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...so tempting

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pure win Jorge!
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Man, why couldn't you guys do this last week! I was going to get a 1/4-to-1/8 adapter to hold me off until my amp gets here, but it's already on its way so I don't need it now

Oh well. I'll probably take advantage of this sometime anyway.
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Originally Posted by 3602 View Post
ConUS only... UPS is ripping us Canadians off with overbloated 'brokerage fees'.
Yep, annoying how much shipping companies charge to get to Canada. It's absurd! Well, my dad wanted a better pair of wireless headphones so purchased my 1/8 to 1/4 adaptor along with it. (Seriously can't understand why Grado won't even let a 1/8 - 1/4 adaptor ship to Canada ugh. Got the Hosa one.)
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man,cant headroom change to another courier except the stupid ups?i am international customer and ups is a rippoff when it comes to brokarage fees,they are terrible.fedex or dhl or even usps are much better.i wish you can change that..
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It would be nice if you put "US ONLY" in the title.....
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Too bad HR don't ship everything with USPS. Seems like they're always more reliable (and cheaper).
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First time I've had something shipping with UPS. I had the confirmation last night at 5pm and already have the headphones in my hand! Less than 24 hours is amazing. Ive *never* had anything ship that fast.

Only issue is buying cheaper items, I wouldn't want to pay $30 shipping on a a pair of $100 cans etc
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... "continental USA addresses (only)".
Nice for those living there, but does not help us living abroad.

How about mentioning in the thread topic? Since it is quite a limitation.

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