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Little Country III Or Alternatives?

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Hello Folks...

Just wanted some advice please re suitable Head~Amp

My system will be Dell Studio 32 bit+Musicstreamer II+& Audioengine A5s + Grado 60 i H/Phones+ Custom Made Cables.
Thing is I spent more on this set up than I planned..and I would very much Like to integrate my Grados into this system but I am told it is not that easy?I did not wish to have to buy more custom cable..

But more importantly is how to Attach it to the above?
I was looking at the Little country Amp? but know very little about it..I have read many reviews on many head amps..I will have a budget up to £100+ (I know the little country is much more than this) but f I can find a great little amp(cheaper) so much the better... that would be great

I am still not sharp when it comes to understanding all this so please keep it as simple as possible

All The Best
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If you're going to spend $500 on an amp, might as well get the WooAudio 3. I've listened to both and the WooAudio is a lot smoother than the Little Country III. The LCIII is not bad by any means but with the WooAudio out there, it's hard to ignore it's call.
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I could get a great deal on a second hand LC3, but I read many feedbacks like the tubes would need 3H to warm up etc etc...I like to keep my gear on 24/7, and I don't think I'd enjoy tubes due to their warm up time and high temperature(being run in Class A and all)
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Hi there good to hear from you..much obliged.

If you're going to spend $500 on an amp, might as well get the WooAudio 3.
Firstly I am Not?spending $500.....

in fact if I can find a suitable amp at $150 then great..so the wooaudio is going to out of my budget

but please keep the suggetsions coming

all the best Steve
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This thread seems to be the one that has more discussion, but I think it belongs more in this forum.
Merge time?
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ok I just pulled the trigger on this LC3, I'll keep you posted if you like. I'll roll the stock opamp, but I'm clueless about tubes...supposedly the stocks ones aren't too shabby
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My LC3 arrived during the week and so did my RS1i's. I've been listening off and on all weekend and they make a great combination. I've tried the LC3 with SR125 and shure srh 840s and in both cases the sound was dramatically improved.

You will be happy with it.

I should be getting the Superchip next week for it so we;ll see what that does.


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ok, sounds great! yes, Firestone make very solid gear IME...good components, rock solid PSU...there's no secrets to high quality audio IMO.

I will prolly try a dual AD797BR module, because I don't think that a dual DIP8 adapter will fit: Op-Amps - Op-Amps - OpAmps - opa627 - AD797AN - LM4562

one of the tubes is dangerously close IMO:

does it get *really* hot btw? how good is the stepped attenuator w/ low impedance phones? no hissing?
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Todd at Audiophileproducts suggested the superchip to me and I think I can trust him.

It gets pretty warm but it is quiet. As far as I can tell no hiss.
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alright, looking forward to it

I dunno what the superchip is...two OPA627AU soldered on a browndog adapter? http://www.audiophileproducts.com/opamps

I will try two AD797BR/OPA211/OPA827 for fun. I've got a VST plugin that adds tube warmth, and it sounds pretty amazing...it adds some very enjoyable distortion and gives an impressive holographic SS...it kinda sold me on the LC3

I'm in the market for replacement tubes atm....I'm getting the LC3 second hand and its previous owner gave me some tubes to look for, supposedly giving a major SQ improvement over the stock ones..apparently any 6922/6DJ8/7308 tube will do.

I've got bored of rolling opamps, it's time for tube rolling
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humm, Firestone just confirmed me that the opamp in the LC3 is only here for "DC servo" so it really shouldn't color the sound AT ALL...and OPA2604AP actually has very good DC specs.

the most overkill opamp for DC would be OPA827 most likely...and I actually prefer it like that, because I wasn't too fund of the idea of using an "hybrid" amp tbh.

a "DC servo" opamp is here to completely suppress DC current, which tends to change the headphones FR.
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Steve (norskman) have you considered an used Musical Fidelity X-Can V1 or V2? They can be found used for under $170 including S&H. Later as time permits you could have it modded by PinkFloyd to further improve its sound. I have had my V2 for several years and it is still one of my favorite amps, it is not the most correct (as compared to the original source) but it is extremely musical and fun to listen too. It gets my foot tapping.
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ok, I was advised to try those tubes:

JJ Tesla 6922 / E88CC / 6DJ8 preamp tubes, NEW !!! - eBay

2 matched 1976 Mullard/Amperex A-Frame 6DJ8 ECC88 tubes - eBay

1976 but apparently the latter link really gives an amazing SS.

PS: To DC servo or not to DC servo
After listening for an hour and switching from servo to non servo and back for at least 100 times, I can say that I couldn't detect any difference in sound between the two
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