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Well I go to the opera alone alot, or jazz concerts. I feel more at peace when I go alone. General "mainstream" concerts not that much, because I just go to festivals in the summer. You can't do THAT on your own. The only thing I hate about going alone are the breaks (if there are any).
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Originally Posted by teishu View Post
I've been looking around various tickets sights and there a few gigs i'd like to go to but unfortunately they are for artists/genres that no one else I know is into..

Does anyone go to gigs on there own ?

I think i'd feel really uncomfortable going on my own. :S

ive done it a few times,if anything it gives you an exuse to meet with the people around you.
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Originally Posted by teishu View Post

Does anyone go to gigs on there own ?

I think i'd feel really uncomfortable going on my own. :S

if the music is good then there is no problem.
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Originally Posted by elbuzzard View Post
The band was really cool to me. Drank mucho crevezas. Made out with a HOT skater chick...all on a school night. My friends didnt believe me the next day. I was like "shoulda gone bro"
Buzz rocks.
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Went to Megadeth and Kreator backtoback nights by myself. Met some guys at the bar, talked to people at the show. a bunch of people recognized me from the night before, so I guess if you frequent the scene you run into a bunch of the same people and BAM, you got new friends to go to shows with.
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I've been to 3 concerts...1 by myself and 2 with my brother.
The one I went to by myself was in an arena, which was Volbeat and Lamb of God opening up for Metallica back in November.
I saw 2 with my brother in smaller venues.
I feel in a small venue it's ok to go by yourself but if you're going to an arena or stadium it's good to go with other people.
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I usually go alone, even festivals. I need music listening friends...

I been to 6 concerts (New Mastersounds, Mew, Phoenix, Placebo, Ito Seiko/Soutaisei-Riron, Galactic) this year, and I only went to one (Soutaisei) with other friends. Of course, if anyone here is in Japan, I'll be more then happy to meet up for a concert
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I'm going by myself to see Dead Meadow next week in Kansas City... but nothing new to me because I've already seen them five times alone! I like going to gigs alone, maybe just because I'm so used to it now. When all you have to worry about is yourself you can usually have a pretty good time in my opinion.
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I've been to a couple by myself. But it seems like at most of them someone has bumped into me or steped on my foot and then wanted to give me all the beer I could handle for the rest of the concert
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I often go to music festivals by myself, most notably the French Quarter Festival and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. I have a nice time alone but it's more fun to share the experience. I was with an out of town friend for a weekend of Jazz Fest last year and it was awesome... and she held some of my camera gear for me.
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Well I went to my first gig last night on my own and it wasn't that bad to be honest. Little bit boring standing around for an hour before the support act came on, but after that I really enjoyed it.


I went to see Sandi Thom. Saw her supporting Joe Bonamassa a few months back and when i saw she was playing only a few miles away i booked myself a ticket. Definitely do it again, and hopefully start chatting to a few people next time as well.




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Ive gone to a couple on my own, most of my friends are music friends, and I've gone with them to some of the worst stuff ever, so it's most times possible to get them to pay you back lol.  I don't think it's really noticeable that you're by yourself except before the show.  I'm talking about a regular show, not those summer tours, that I don't think I would ever do by myself.  I think that for me at least that would be too weird.


At any rate you could drink a few beers, and not worry about it really.  I'm not really the type of person that goes up and talks to people anyways, so maybe it's not so awkward for people that are a bit more outgoing.  I've probably been to about 100 concerts over the years, and they all pretty much follow the same format.    

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Looks like I will be seeing The Hold Steady by myself Monday...

I often go to shows alone (my friends habitually cancel on me last minute) and like it most of the time.

I had a great time last year seeing Peter Murphy on my own... no one to keep track of or have to talk to, I got to really just chill and LISTEN.

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