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Anyone go to any gigs on there own?

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I've been looking around various tickets sights and there a few gigs i'd like to go to but unfortunately they are for artists/genres that no one else I know is into..

Does anyone go to gigs on there own ?

I think i'd feel really uncomfortable going on my own. :S

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Sorry I probably should have posted this in the General Lounge.. Mod, feel free to move..
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I've gone to shows by myself. One the band is playing it's hard to interact with anyone anyway, other than a goofy nod or thumbs up. There's not much to do besides get a drink during breaks, but overall it's better than missing the show.
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I go to shows by myself all the time. I go to a really wide variety of shows and no one I know wants to go to "uncool" types of concerts like jazz or klezmer or chamber music or the wrong kind of indie rock band. Their loss! Some of the best concerts of my life, I saw alone.

You should go. What's the worst thing that could happen? Maybe you'll meet some new friends who share your interest in that kind of music. If your friends don't go to concerts, a concert is a great place to meet friends who do

Another thing you can do is see if there is an online forum for that music, and see if anyone else is going to that show, and see if some people want to meet for a drink before the show or something. Then you can have someone to hang out with if you're uncomfortable being alone at a concert. I've done that a few times, too, I am still in touch with some people I met that way.
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I often prefer going to concerts by myself. It's easier to focus on the music that way, although it's often a bit boring whilst waiting for the music to start. However, Sarah is correct - if you're outgoing enough, you can often meet some pretty cool people flying solo at a concert that you otherwise wouldn't.
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why not go? if you like the music, go see it. and others said maybe you'll meet people there. besides, a circle pit isn't any less fun just because you don't know anyone there.
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if you can listen to music on your own, you can go to a concert on your own as well.
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Yep, if there's a show that I want to see that none of my buddies are into I'll sure go by myself. It's always better with friends though I think.
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Absolutely, especially being a modern jazz head. That way there's no need to "worry" about whether the other person is going to like it or not. It's way less of a distraction.
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i really wouldnt have even thought to do this before, but after this thread, now when i want to hit up metal concerts, even if no one else wants to go ill be sure to. Plus that gives you even more reason to go chat up all the hotties that are inevitably at metal shows
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I go to shows, and movies by myself all the time. I used to get 2 tickets for shows, but after a few times getting burned and not finding a friend who wants to buy the other ticket, I just get 1. Like others have said, once the music starts, you can't do much talking anyways. And I like the idea of being alone around lots of other people. Alone with company so to speak.

I like talking to people about the show afterwards, but I often don't like talking about movies afterwards, I just want to stay in the experience, and it's annoying sometimes when people just start jabbering as soon as the credits hit. If it was a good movie, I just want to sit in silence and feel the glory
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I think i might just have to bite the bullet and go for it then.. I didn't think of it as a way to meet new people who also like going and watching live music..

Thanks for all your opinions.
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Sure, go and make friends lol. Most of the time though, I see people I know.

It was way easier going to a concert by myself than going clubbing by myself .
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I've ben to a few gigs by myself which i've really enjoyed. I tend to appreciate the music more as well as there is little to distract you. I still prefer coercing other people into going with me though as most music is, by nature, very sociable, and as long as people arent dragged to utterly wierd genres they generally enjoy it.

When i was an undergrad i went clubbing by myself a few times but only when i knew there would be someone/lots of people there i knew. I shouldn't imagine a whole club night is much fun by yourself!!
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well the plan is you go by yourself and then start talking to people!
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