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SOLD: Cavalli CTH

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CTH for sale.

I purchased this from Wiatrob earlier this year and refer you to his original thread for pics and description.

Excellent K701 amp. IMO, better than the Burson HA-160 which I used to own (speaking only of the K701 here).


Included are several of the most highly touted tubes, including the Raytheon 6GU7, RCA Clear Top 6CG7 and the RFT  ECC82 12AU7.



I will also include the 240 - 24 volt transformer for Australian buyers.



Direct deposit preferred for those setup for internet banking. Otherwise Paypal.


Overseas buyers: price negotiable, though freight costs may make it not worth your while. I believe this amp goes for around $250 USD before shipping.

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Am keen pending an audition later!
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Bump - available again.

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