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Sony MDR V6 with Shure pads.

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I recently bought Shure SRH 840 and they come with a extra set of pads.
I have a pair of Sony MDR V6 and the pads are still the ones that came with them so the coating is all flaked off and I thought hmm they would probably fit so I tried it and although not a precise fit it does fit.Very easy to get on since its slightly bigger and they don't fall off they stay on perfectly.

The results?
A huge improvement in SQ I was pretty shocked by the improvement with the Shure pads.
You also get far superior pads and better comfort.
Sound improvements includes the harshness disappearing from the stuff I tried them on.Mud and hollowness cleaned up and drums/cymbals coming to life not being so drowned like they were.
And smoother overall sound.

So anyone have a pair of MDR V6 the Shure pads is a great mod
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thanks for mentioning this. I might look into it for my mdrv6
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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I feel this one needs to be confirmed.
I want to thank the OP for suggesting this mod.
I put these on my V6s yesterday and I like the changes.

The pads fit pretty nicely on the drivers and don't move around, even though they are like a whole cm. wider and longer. This means there is a lot more space inside the cups and the HPs now become completely circumaural (even with my realatively big ears) and there is also some more space left for the ears to "breathe".


The real difference comes with the sound though. The most immediately noticeable change is the soundstage, which has changed from in your head (everything coming from the same place) to a relatively wide, spacious and a little airy sound, which was enough to make me smile the moment I tried some piano concerts on it. Vocals are still as forward as before(no change), but instruments sound better with better separation.

Also, bass has changed a lot. Even more than the SS. It doesn't have the smashing impact it had previously, but is much more controlled. I think this is partly why the sound feels clearer than before. The mid range opens quite a bit. The bass is still there, and still goes as deep, but not as strong and overpowering as before.


I agree it sounds smoother overall, but the brightness in the upper mids is still there. There is a change for the better, due to the added note of airiness and distance, but not enough to make people who disliked this previously like it after.


Edit: after a bit of changing between the stocks and the 840s I think the bass may have lost too much of its body and impact. So all in all, stocks sound better for pop, rnb, electronic, and the modded sounds better for acoustic, classical, ambient.

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The dt-250 velour pads are better for all of the above.

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