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Shure se530 vs 535

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So I'm in the mood to replace my d jays for some triple driver phones and been looking at the se530s but I heard the 535 are coming at some point later this year

would it be worth waiting for the 535 or just buy the 530 now? I don't mind waiting until like the summer for new phones but I'm expecting it to be later than the summer dueto delays and what not, and then there are possible stock issues at launch and really wouldn't want to wait for up to a year for them. What do you think are the chances of waiting that long to be able to get my hands on the 535s? Or should I just get the 530s now and save the possible ear long wait?

The only reason I'm not just going ahead with the 530 is because of the cabling issues, but to be honest, I've never had issues with cables, even on my jays which from what I've heard can have quite bad cables
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Since it it suppose to sound the same and you never have cable issues with Shure, you could probably save 25-35% getting the SE530.
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well i wouldnt say i never had issues with shure cables, because ive never owned a pair of shures before, Ive just never had any cable issues with my etys or my jays is what i meant

I heard that shure changed the insulation on the 530 cables a while back, are these new cables any better than the original ones? have there been many complaints about them?
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Supposedly the cable formula has been changed since early 2008 which results in far less cracking than the original version. Well simply judging from the number of cracked cable thread we seen in the forum, it does seem to occur much less often than pre-2008 version, but there are still report from time to time, just not out of norm.
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I could be wrong, but I would expect a discount on the 530's by the time the 535's come out, so if you can wait, it might be worth saving some money.
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Originally Posted by theKraken11 View Post
I could be wrong, but I would expect a discount on the 530's by the time the 535's come out, so if you can wait, it might be worth saving some money.

1. Wait for SE535 release
2. If SE535>SE530 - Buy SE535
If SE535=SE530 - Buy SE530 at an extra cheap price
3. The End
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I find it a poor step for Shure to not at least try and take advantage of new driver technologies when they intend to come out with a new iteration.
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Yea... but yea I think in either 08 or 09 they implemented newer, better cables that didn't break so easily. But don't the SE535s have a removable cable? If so I'd say get those for the recabling abilities (Just recabled my Triple.Fi 10s and love the results). But yea... if you don't plan on doing that I'd say to just get the 530s now or wait until they lower the price (which is what I think I'm gonna do and pick em up for the cheap).
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why not just stay away from shure o_o
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Because they make good headphones? The mids on the SE530s are amazing.
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Originally Posted by Young Spade View Post
Because they make good headphones? The mids on the SE530s are amazing.
they are not the only company that makes good headphones. i'm just stating an option.
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Yea yea I know, I've been around for quite a long time and know a plethora of good IEMs that do some things better than the Shures. You just stated in your first post as if Shure was a bad company or made bad products or something..... just wondering why.
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is there anyone on this board that has a 530 with the newer cable type that is having problems with it?
Ive been searching the forum endlessly for someone saying the new cables have problems but havent been able to find anything yet, although it could just be my bad searching skills
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I can only say this, the cables were changed, and the cable is not an issue,
basically as ClieOS stated, the SE530 cables are no more likely to be a problem than any other brand.
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If, as reported, the only major difference between the two are the cables - I'd definitely recommend getting an SE530. I'm willing to bet the price difference between the two will be over $100.

In a worst case, if the cables failed - you can get them recabled, or made custom. If you're in the US - you can do so from Fisher Hearing for $80 + the cost of a new cable ($20+).

But again, you probably won't have a problem with the cable.
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