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FS: Darth Beyer *Deep Cups* Padauk, 80ohm usd$399

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I just received these from Skylab and have decided, despite the warm luscious sound, that I will persue a T1 or HD800, so I need to sell these. These Darth Beyers are V3, with a full compliment of features including the mythical and desirable Deep Cups, which present a deep bass that doesn't muddy the mids or interfere with details. These are as close to the "real speaker" sound as I have heard. Also includes a Black Max cables, Padauk splitter and CJC, and *real* leather earpads, not pleather. Gorgeous looking and rich sounding phones.

Original cost on these was over $800.

Asking usd$399 plus shipping in USA or cad$415 plus shipping in Canada. Paypal gift OK or 3%. Interac money transfer is OK for Canadian deals.

(stand NOT included)

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Bump, price reduced to usd$399 for quick sale. Taking a loss to sell them fast.
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ygpm (drooling)
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Originally Posted by darwinyo View Post
ygpm (drooling)
Thanks for the quick payment.

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still drooling

Thanks for the deal
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