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Bass-heavy IEM suggestions? - Page 2

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Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue

The Triple.fi's have a powerful bass output, but without sounding overly muddy and boomy. The treble is also very extended, and offer all the "sparkle" and "sizzle" with incredible nuance and detail. price is little higher like 390$ at Amazon but quality is awesome and just what you required
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Originally Posted by ZARIM View Post
I think RSA Mustang P51 + ALO 18AWG CXS or 18AWG jumbo Cryo will bring out the details in mids and overall soundquality will increase further. It's been discussed here IE8 scale up much higher with Quality AMPs, Source and Cables help.
Maybe when the funds open up, I can think about a higher end setup. Is there a good amp/LOD combo that can be had for less than $200?
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I think the corda headsix or xxs (pretty much same amp) sound great with Ie8. They are a sponsor here on head.fi. Meier audio. You can get them in the fs forum here for under $100 maybe.
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