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HI All,

I am very pleased and excited to announce our new product line designed and built for TTVJ by Pete Millett. APEX High Fi Audio is our new lineup of headphone amplifiers and other high end components.

To start off the product launch we are announcing today our new top of the line pre amp/ headphone amp - The APEX Pinnacle.

I have always wanted a great pre amp for my speaker rig that would also serve as a top of the line headphone amp. This is the piece of gear I have always wanted for myself and now it is available to everyone!

We will be showing the Pinnacle off at CanJam in Chicago (its first public appearance) so we hope you can come by and take a look and have a listen. We will post pictures in the coming weeks.

The Apex Pinnacle

The Apex Pinnacle is a highly evolved vacuum tube preamplifier and headphone amp.

For the highest quality tube sound without harshness or distortion, it employs two single-ended tube stages. The input stage uses the venerable 6SN7 tube, often regarded as the best tube ever made for audio voltage amplification. The power stage uses triode-connected 307A directly-heated pentodes, or optionally Sophia Electric PX4 triodes. This carefully matched arrangement cancels some of the softness - actually, second-order harmonic distortion - that is often associated with single-ended tube amplifiers. The result is pure, clean, musical sound.

Both the input and output signals are coupled through very high quality audio transformers, providing truly balanced inputs and outputs. Three inputs are accommodated, from either balanced or unbalanced RCA or XLR connections. The versatile output circuitry allows the connection of high or low impedance headphones, as well as a power amplifier. The input and output selections are made via a front panel switches, which activate relays that are strategically located to keep the signal path direct and pure.

Components are carefully selected from throughout the world, from hand-machined Japanese Teflon tube sockets and aluminum knobs to transformers custom-made in Europe. Unlike many so-called "high-end" audio components, the Pinnacle is not just a prettied-up marginal design implemented with poor-quality parts from third-world nations. It is truly a high-end component from design through assembly, hand-built in the USA.

To keep the noise level as low as possible, the Pinnacle places the power supply circuitry in a separate enclosure, which may be located up to five feet from the amplifier. Special transformers, Silicon Carbide rectifiers, and a sophisticated filament supply help ensure the Pinnacle is as quiet as it can be.


Tube complement: Input - one 6SN7 • Output - two directly-heated 307A (triode connected) • Options include Sophia 6SN7 input tube and PX4 meshplate output tubes.

Inputs: Three, all with XLR and RCA connectors, balanced or unbalanced

Line output: XLR and RCA, balanced or unbalanced

Volume control: High quality DACT stepped attenuator

Headphone outputs: 1/4" TRS unbalanced, 4-pin XLR or dual 3-pin XLR balanced • Can drive loads from 16 ohms and up, including difficult headphones like the AKG K1000

Dimensions: Amplifier - 17" wide x 3" tall x 11" deep • Power supply - 17" wide x 3" tall x 11" deep

Power: 120V or 240V, 50/60Hz

Selling Price $10,000.00