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I recently took the next step in upgrading my rig by getting a LD mkII and a set of HD600's. So far I'm very please with the improvement in sound but being new to tubes and high impedance headphones I have a few questions.

My main concern is getting the gain properly set on the LD mkII. It is currently set to "lowest" gain (according to Petchum's review) since I was using it with my AKG K271's. When I got my HD600's I went ahead and plugged them in to try them out and they seem to work just fine with the "lowest" setting. For most of my listening I only turn the volume to 9 o'clock (a quarter of the way up) and 12 o'clock is far too loud for any amount of time.

It seems like normally people use the "High" gain setting for HD600's. I can reset the gain if necessary but here is the rub. If I use the "High" setting there's really no way I can use my K271's with the amp and I do need to use closed headphones some of them time (I have roommates and need both to be quiet for them and block out noise). Therefore, if at all possible I would like to leave the amp on the "lowest" setting.

Basically, I just want to know if I'm hurting the amp [or missing out on the full potential of the HD600] by using the "Lowest" gain setting? I'm not so concerned about the sound quality part of the question since I can always do an AB test myself to see if I can hear a difference but I don't want to burn up my tubes or another part of the amp by doing something I shouldn't.

I don't know if it makes a difference but the current tubes in the MD mkII are 2x 6n6p and 2x WE 403B. The rest of my setup can be seen in my sig.

Also, if anyone has any advice for do's and dont's for someone new to tube amps I'd be happy to hear them (I've done a good deal of searching and reading but I may have missed something).