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Originally Posted by CTechKid View Post
But you are correct with your assessment that AllCdCovers isn't by any stretch a premiere CD Cover archive. You do however, have the option to use Last.fm as your source for metadata and album artwork.
That's good that they have Last.fm to fall back on. You'll at least get a reasonable cover even if it might be 400x400. It seems that Last.fm has a deal with Amazon cause they're using some Amazon cover images.

A good source for cover art images would be the difficult part for any of these programs that try to fix tags and add cover images. Apple has done well in getting a good cover art collection for iTunes. But that's Apple's toy and not something shared with other companies. AMG (AllMusicGuide) is a popular source. A well rounded collection that includes classical and jazz. But often the images are in the 300x300 range. I had a subscription to the AMG data through dBpoweramp. It got me basic cover art images when I was ripping my CD collection. But I've pretty much replaced every image from them since with larger better images, some of which I scanned myself. Better than nothing though.
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Not given it a try myself.
But have heard and read great things about it, so definitely worth a try.
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You can already get artwork for free on itunes and is it really that hard to type in the name of each song?
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This is a great piece of software. My best friend is actually dating the daughter of a developer. I dont own it, but i have seen it recognize some VERY obscure tracks, by comparing the waveform to a waveform their servers have, no tags or search criteria were inputed.

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Beacause I listen to Dubstep and Drum 'N Bass only, which is mostly underground music (especially DUbstep) iTunes cant find 99% of the album arts... dont know if this programm can find them but if it does that would be proper sick. I'm currently doing everything by hand and thats a real pain.
Think im gonna try this out to see if it works like they say.
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