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Shure or Westone ?

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Thought I'd made up my mind (finally)to get the westone two's. However been given another option in the shure se420's at a reduced rate (£180 vs £130!). So back to square one.

So out of the westone 2 and Shure se420 which would be the better for a)ease of use, b)comfort c)isolation. Listen to rock mainly (with all that implies for production quality!). Like a clear balanced sound (my only real reference atm is a pair of sennheiser cx300 II with a pair of medium comply tips on, so if I can get better sound AND isolation then them it'd make me happy). Source will be a 2nd gen Ipod touch with alac. Would be used at work so ease of use inserting and taking out is paramount.

Truth be told hearts leaning toward the westones but just thought I'd throw this out there.


PS that should be £130 for the shures on the poll before anyone starts asking where to get them at that price!
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Personally I'd favor the westones, they'll also last you a lot longer.
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I am rather biased against shure as i had three pairs that between them just about lasted 6 months. Also the W2 is on my wtb list since i heard them recently.
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Must admit that all the cable issues I've read about Shure over the last month, combined with the stupid modular cable system did rather put me off the idea. Looks like its the westones then!
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So placed the order for the westone 2's! My first proper step up the ladder. Ought to delete headfi from my list now and never return

Cheers for the votes.
post #6 of 11 why would you do that?

the westone 2 does sound like a good iem. i need to buy a westone iem one of these days when i get more money.
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Just thought i'd put my thoughts though you have bought the Westone 2 already. I would've suggested SE420. Why? cause that's a significant difference in price, and both companies are offering top quality customer service. Also, one up side to the SE420 is that they are going to discontinue it soon. Meaning that if it breaks in the future, you;ll be replaced with the upcoming model, the SE425.
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Originally Posted by MaoDi View Post
Also, one up side to the SE420 is that they are going to discontinue it soon. Meaning that if it breaks in the future, you;ll be replaced with the upcoming model, the SE425.
Is that really how it works? Wouldn't they have a bunch of old SE420 stock to get through?
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I'm pretty sure by then they won't have any stock left, so they'll replace with the SE425. But either way, i would go with the Se420 simply because you save so much money. As long as you take care of them, you'll be sure they can last you a fair bit of time. By Se530 lasted me two years beforing having to get them replaced, just before warranty ran out.
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Westone for shure (pun!)


The comfort level of the Westone earphones with the comply tips is absolutely amazing, and the sound qualiaty is either par or slightly better than the shure counterparts.

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looks like you made your choice, but here's my 2 cents anyways. :)

Both are really good iems. I would say the shure's have a better midrange but the westone have a better balanced sound through the whole spectrum: lows, mids, highs. 

Both are equal on ease of use b/c they are both meant to worn over the ear. 

I would give teh edge in comfort to the westones b/c i find their housing design to be the most comfortable and they have a fantastic light weight cable.

If terms of isolation, both are good but to me the 420's are better in this respect. If you look at's graphs they show that the 420's isolation is on par with the etymotic's er4, which are kings in terms of isolation, and from my own experience i find this to be true. 

Either way, enjoy you westones and let us know what you think of them once you've had a chance to put them through their paces.


edit: wow, i just read the post date for the original post. talk about bringing a thread back to life. Oh well, hopefully the info on this thread will  be useful to someone

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