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FiiO launch

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Dear Head-fi'er:

Thank for and all member here! it is you that make FiiO become a

famous Headphone ampilifier brand in the world! Head-fi had opened the door to

the whole world for FiiO, and we believe Head-fi will open antother door to the

great future for FiiO !

From now, we become one of the sponsors of Head-fi. and will communicate

with all member here 。 please feel free to post your any question or idea, I will try

our best to answer your question, or discuss with you in any issue!

The user name " Feiao" will be the official user name of FiiO electronics

technology Co,LTD in! and " FiiO " is another user name which registered

in Head-fi. but it will be my private user name ! so please don't make confuse about


James from FiiO!
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Nice to get you here, any new upcoming amps we should know about
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Congrats on joining the HF family!
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Welcome to Head-Fi, James! Nice to see FiiO becoming actively involved in the community.
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Will try to update more news about FiiO in the future, now we are busy in prepare enough stock !

James from FiiO
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 What I would like to know.  Are any of your portable amps class A amps?

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Not, we have not plan to develop class A amplifier yet!


Now we have too many project to develop, so maybe in the future!


BTW, I think other brand already have very decent class A amplifiers! includes some tube amps!

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