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Will this Cmoy make a difference?

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Hey Guys,
i recently picked up an AT- A900. i am currently running it off of the sound card on my PC (Creative X-fi Fatality pro). it sounds like the Bass is weak and the mids don't exist. i put close to over a hundred hours of a combination of pink noise, rock, electronica, and classical. They seem really flat and have no bass in the face so to speak. i got these primarily for gaming and their closed design. i am thinking about boosting the signal a bit in as cheap a fashion as possible. i got the A900's for the ability to run with really low impedance. so far i am not impressed. Would purchasing this Cmoy maybe help the lack of bass and overall performance?

Bass Boost cMoy v2.02 Amp - Premium Headphone Amplifier - eBay (item 130374762339 end time Mar-21-10 20:31:53 PDT)
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Too expensive for a CMOY, grab something off the sale forums
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I have a JDS Labs C-Moy that I have used with my AKG 271 (another low impedance and bass light headphone) and I did find that the base boost was effective (it was easy to hear a difference).

However, when the base boost was engaged I thought that the rest of the spectrum sounded like it was getting less power. I actually liked this effect with some music because it helped make some music a bit less fatiguing with the 271. It may or may not be a good thing though and is important to know that the power for the extra base has to come from somewhere.

If you haven't already checked out the JDS Labs site it's definitely worth a look. I was very pleased with my transaction when I dealt with them.
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Hey Romulus,
were you using the 9v battery or were you using a power supply? would you say that music became a bit more vibrant and truer to life?
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I've used mine with a 9v battery and a 12v power supply but wasn't able to really hear a difference (maybe there is one but it wasn't audible to me).

I found that the amp helped the headphones reproduce details at a wider range of volumes and helped to even things out. It wasn't a huge difference but it was worth using it. I have since upgraded further but will probably go back to the cmoy as a cheap portable solution.
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i placed my order, thanks for the input.
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You need a source. That cmoy will only do so much. Get a Musical Fidelity Vdac or something. Or an Alien dac, if you can find someone to build one for you.
Depends what you want to spend really. Then you also need an amp for the dac.
Or for like $80 get the Fiio amp/dac portable combo, or maybe a HeadRoom BitHead.

Youre just going to amplify an already crappy source with that Cmoy.
Crap in, more crap out.
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