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talking about the funky drummer: http://www.google.com/search?q=serge+gainsbourg+Requiem+Pour+Un&tbs=vid:1


1968! what a heartpounding breakbeat [:jsuistropcon]



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Niceness. That tracks was the basis for track from a Brazilian singer named Daude. I was always curious where the beat was lifted from.


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It's been remastered to death, the SQ is eye popping on this compilation: http://www.amazon.com/Initials-Sg-Best-Serge-Gainsbourg/dp/B00006IW6I


on "Requiem pour un con", you get the killer drums and bass on the right channel, his U87 recorded vocal in the middle and a shaker on the left channel...1968? yeah, right! it sounds like it was recorded last week. the U87 microphone grain will never age, I so much love the sound of this microphone.


Gainsbourg is w/o a doubt one of the most gifted french speaking musician/singer from the 60/70's, he's got so many killer funky tunes...like this album, that I must have listened to a thousand times: 



He also did 2 killer reggae albums, recently remixed in dub..pure goodness!



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whether "Sex Machine" would have become such a planetary hit w/o Bobby Byrd is still open for debate IMHO:









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"an excellent slab of heavy, spaced-out jazz funk"



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François de Roubaix was the king of funky OST's in the 70's...the french Lalo Schifrin basically:




the movie has aged badly(I recently saw it in pristine HD), but the whole OST is really top notch...like Portishead 30 years earlier.


and this big classic("Les Dunes D'Ostende"): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFHAk7zfAHo


The funny thing is that sometimes he doesn't use a funky beat but you can still hear it very clearly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdmc-XjXG2Y


OMG the last link is just [:radiohead2113] when the beat arrives in the middle(I've got all those soundtracks on CD).

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Hi, good to see the thread still kicking.


This is track is awesome, never heard of it before. It appears in 'Breaking Bad' episode 4. A great show that happens to have a great soundtrack.


Darondo, "Didn't I"



and from episode 5. Check 'Bronx River Parkway' if you get a chance. Deep Latin Funk.

Bronx River Parkway, "Deixa Pra La"

any song called 'Chums Pimpage' has to be worth a listen!




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Originally Posted by JadeEast View Post

Niceness. That tracks was the basis for track from a Brazilian singer named Daude. I was always curious where the beat was lifted from.



Requiem pour un con has also been sampled in this tune, together w/ some Ennio Morricone: http://www.google.com/search?tbs=vid%3A1&q=EPMD+Symphony+2000


Method Man has such a killer tone.

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The sound on those videos sounded very good...

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there's a B-take of "rock me again and again and again.." w/ JB on this CD: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/14508-the-singles-vol-9-1973-1975/


but all in all vol.8 was much better, w/ many B-takes like the vocal cut of "hotpants road"...still, those compilations are remastered from the original mastertapes and it's always a major treat to listen to the real deal and not a Nth gen. copy.


And JB more or less stole the FAME riff from Bowie, but it's funny to hear that Larry Jon Wilson also used it in 1977:


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the dub version of "I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby" on this remastered CD is just amazing: http://www.hip-oselect.com/scr.public.product.asp?product_id=6C793007-13A8-4F84-9818-52CB38176977&cat_id=F69DD616-5BEA-4DA8-970F-37342F4DC3A3


whatever soul or reggae, Hip'o'Select really have it going on!

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