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Don't even have to click the link and I've the track playing in my head.

Stone cold classic!!


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hehe, reminds me of someone here on head-fi whose avatar said "and now Europe's Final Countdown is playing in your head"


BTW, french funky library music doesn't get much better than track 12(you can listen to it in full): http://www.musicme.com/#/Jean-Claude-Pierric/albums/Diggin-In-The-Crate-Vol-1-3700368461938.html


the chorus is just fantastic, and so is the funky beat...you can easily picture an uber-cheesy movie from the 60/70's w/ old-*ss cars and classy special agents, hehe.


but my all time favorites for funky library music are the "Bosworth Sessions" on Strut and "Jungle Obsession" from Nino Nardini and Roger Roger...the SQ is eye popping on the latter, and the former has so much goodie that I never get bored of it...I musta played it +500 times or so.





 This is an awesome awesome compilation, with a track for every funky taste. Some highlights include the mellow buzz-flute freakout of "Mr Buzz," the atmospheric but funky "Tropical Scene," and the insane percussion workout. [..] This is truly the best library music out there.

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Curtis Mayfield has a special place in my heart as a music lover. His sweet voice covered the uplifting and heavy themes of life yet he was deceptively funky without emphasizing how funky he was. He just did it. I especially love the percussion on his tracks, wah wahs and sound effects. "Don't Worry If There's A Hell Below..." still ranks as one of my favourite tracks in my collection, that intro...


JadeEast, I can only agree... In fact I am going to play the track right now

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another killer funky tune, and the SS is awesome on the lossless version: http://www.google.com/search?q=Coke%20Escovedo%20-%20I%20Wouldn't%20Change%20a%20Thing&tbs=vid:1

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What an uplifting track. Very nice. 

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this one's nice too: R-1438508-1219748709.jpeg


previews: http://www.amazon.com/Hustles-Speed-Jbs/dp/B00004VN3N


in 1975 the JB's were a year from Fred Wesley & Maceo Parker leaving & officially disbanding, but before they released this... their LAST gem

The JB's grab at a piece of the disco market that made Van McCoy a solo star with this production. It's excellent throughout despite James Brown's subdued arrangements on some songs. "(It's Not the Express) It's the JB's Monaurail," usually a six-minute song, rambles for over eight. Fred Wesley's funky trombone peppers "All Aboard the Soul Funky Train" (an update of "Night Train"). "Transmograpfication" is similar to jazz trumpeter Eddie Henderson's crossover attempts on his Sunburst and Realization albums. "Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself and You Be Yours" is better than the title, with a Dyke and the Blazers-type vocal that sets it right.


It's not the same ole slow "dinosaur walk" funkiness anymore, it's not quite disco either....this JB's album is about very uptight funky beats and bass lines, JB starting to understand that he needs to change his recipe if he still wants to sell. the beats sound like contemporary DNB and the SS is awesome, as 3D as can be

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Interesting, a transitional album by The JB's. 


Nice track, "I Wouldn't Change A Thing" features the kind of percussion that is often very underestimated and is very well showcased, musically by Curtis Mayfield and his band on "We People Who Are Darker Than Blue" in the break section:



One of his best tracks in my opinion, Soul, Funk and beautiful transitions...

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If you are in Sydney Australia tonight this should be awesome, I can't make it!



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Right now I am digging some funky and somewhat soulful Disco. Sometimes it is all I need. I love Slick's "Space Bass" and after that Mass Production's "Cosmic Lust" follows. "Time ain't no faster than the funky speed of sound", one of the lyrics on "Space Bass".


Johnny Hammond's "Tell Me What To Do" is one of my favourite tracks on the disc. That one is really worth a listen:


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I like the disco tracks a whole bunch. Here's another funky & soulful dance track.

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Right now I am digging some funky and somewhat soulful Disco. Sometimes it is all I need.


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Nice, my head is bobbing. 

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"Music For Dancefloors" so owns, need more Funk!


Now for some funky goodness from a less expected group, check out Yes' "Roundabout":



One of my favourite wake up tracks...

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still diggin funky bossa nova: zzsoulofbrazilfunksou_101b.jpg


brazilian is such a nice sounding language, mix it w/ dark funky basslines/fender rhodes and beats, add some bossa nova horns and percussions on top = spot-on!


I want all the records of Doris Monteiro, now [:khamal]

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