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Funky thread! I'm not too well versed in funk but I do like Curtis Mayfield and the Meters.
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Funk in essence for me has two main ingredients: groove and break beats. I don't care about it's origins although I should dig into The Meters some day.

Bad grooves I once listened to were the tracks following 'Jam' on MJ's 'Dangerous' album for I really missed the bass and vamps. It was close to unlistenable for me...
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killer stuff!!!
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I really can't handle any critiquing of George Clinton. Good, bad, or otherwise throughout his career, that man is clearly a living national treasure, and should be treated as such. He was a forward thinker when it came to bringing funk (whatever one wants to define that as) to the masses. He staged concerts that shamed most acts of the day, and squired many off-shoot acts to stardom. For a while, he had the Midas Touch. Of course, as we all know, as in many lives, cocaine f#cked it ALL up. The day that man passes away will be truly a sad day. In my opinion, his music will live forever.
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the godfather is dead already, nothing to see here...I can't really get how you could compare GC to JB tbh, but nvm!

1969, JB kicking ***(his usual business ): YouTube - JAMES BROWN & THE JB'S-GIVE IT UP TURN IT LOOSE LIVE 1969

this is raw, uncompromising, screaming, funky...it's super heavy soul music, like only the godfather could make it.

the small excerpt where JB learns you how to dance comes from a much longer documentary, where he explains that he could go ANYWHERE...and by directing the musicians for 10 mins, get them to do the JB sound. If you check some youtube videos, sometimes he ended up on some really retarded TV shows w/ musicians that didn't know jack about funk, and yes yes yes they were playing the JB sound...damn straight!

anyway, I'm a totally biased fanboy...to me he's god : YouTube - JAMES BROWN I CANT STAND IT LIVE 1968
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JB's 'Give It Up Turn It Loose', has that same funky bass line like the Blackbyrds' 'Rock Creek Park'.

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true, but it's from 1978: The Blackbyrds - Night Grooves

and that's his Olympia 1971 concert in Paris...the french never really recovered YouTube - JAMES BROWN-SUNNY LIVE 71

and a pretty funny collage of the man: YouTube - JAMES BROWN GREATEST DANCE MOVES EVER

humm the SQ is really painful on youtube...all those guys post those videos to find customers who will pay $75/100 a pop for bootleg DVD's
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For his old work, James Brown is sacred...

George Clinton, I have yet to discover his master pieces for I don't know where to begin with his (co)works. I do have a Bootsy Collins compilation but that doesn't suffice.
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Still pitting James Brown against George Clinton, are we? That's just bizarre to me. Both are geniuses who brought funk to the masses, and if progression means anything at all, be reminded that Bootsy Collins made history with both.

Your crash-course in P-Funk starts here:
Amazon.com: Parliament - Greatest Hits (The Bomb): Parliament: Music

…of course, it shouldn't end there, cuz to understand George's reach, you have to understand that Parliament was the horn-centered band, while Funkadelic was the guitar-based one.

For Funkadelic, I like:
Amazon.com: One Nation Under a Groove: Funkadelic: Music

…and as uncle b said a little bit ago, there are tons of worthy spinoffs to listen to if these hook you, to say nothing of the great work George recorded under his own name after the P-Funk Empire imploded.

As a funk connoisseur from waaayyyy back, though, I must say that I don't think enough has been said about Sly Stone

If you're interested:
Amazon.com: There's a Riot Goin' On: Sly & the Family Stone: Music

Amazon.com: Fresh: Sly & the Family Stone: Music

…and since this is Head-fi, I should add that the latest Sly remasterings sound unbelievable. That's all I got…until someone around here is cool enough to mention Nile Rodgers or Fela Anikulapo Kuti…whoops! did it already…
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I have MUCH respect for all funk, soul, and r&b artists and am no way pitting George Clinton against James Brown. And Sly Stone deserves as much mention as anyone else in this thread. Another true visionary. NILE RODGERS is an incredible talent, as well. RIP, Bernard Edwards, too! CHIC was the bomb, not just some disco-comp act!
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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
p-funk's not really my thang, I like it raw..and rare, possibly from a 45rpm that was only sold to 100 copies only...that's the funk I like

soul jazz records has a lot of these: https://www.jazzmanrecords.co.uk/sho...sp?prodtype=55

their "midwest funk" compilation is beyond words..been one of my fav. compilations for a while.
nice link, do you know if they re-issue at all? a lot of those CD's are sold out.

And people, lest we forget, put your hands together for ...

Love the guitar solo towards the end of Fire, one of the best IMO.

And the trumpet riffs in in Skin Tight are tight! You can smell the 1970's when you listen to it.

Oh, and did I mention the Album covers..
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wow, there's a few bootlegs floating around of Lalo Schifrin's work on the "Starsky & Hutch" OST...well, that's always the same uncompromising blackxploitation sound like in the "Dirty Harry" movies...maybe even better, Lalo sure knows what funk is all about.

I've never been able to get the "Enter The Dragon" OST off my mind ever since I first saw it(when I was 10yo or so), and it's been recently remastered in a longer edition that has become one of my test discs when getting new audio gear.....traditional chinese instruments and heavy funk drums/bass/horns sure make for one hell of a combo

Originally Posted by Shark_Jump View Post
nice link, do you know if they re-issue at all? a lot of those CD's are sold out.
they often show up second hand, finding them is half the fun
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When it comes to Album art, 70's funk has to be some of the most creative and colourful.
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Country Got Soul Volume 1: Various Artists

funky country music w/ loud breakbeats and the whole Fender Rhodes/whiney wahwah's, now that's sumthing!
there's also a vol.2, SQ is very impressive on both

Country Got Soul v2 | Decline and Fall
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